10 design wall frame ideas and photos for your interior

A must for interior design, the wall frame! But be careful, we are not just talking about a wall photo frame you can buy quickly at Carrefour, but a frame that will embellish your walls.

Here are 10 wall frame ideas for you to project yourself into your future decoration, 3D wall frame, carder and mirror or frames for wall plants, there will even be cheap frames.

1. The Ikea wall frame – A decoration classic

One of the great classics from Ikea, the wall frames by 8 Knoppäng, a set of very designer wall frames in the era of time for a modern and simple decor. At ikéa you will also find other wall decoration frames, from the simplest to the most exotic Ikea vegetable wall frames.

2. The Jardiland wall plant frame – My #DIY plant frame

For a wilder and more lively decoration, opt for a plant wall frame made with your hands as with that of Jardiland. You will find something to make it, frame, soil and plant to assemble in a flowery frame at Jardiland. This type of wall art is a very easy way to have an inexpensive plant wall frame.

3. A photo frame mixes wall design

Pele mele frame Conforama

How about a wall frame to hang all your photos of evenings, with friends or of your children, this type of frame that we find at Conforama will be perfect, it is a photo frame mixed wall color black capacity 24 photos.

An idea of ​​atmosphere would even be to let this photo frame peel in your entrance hall with a polaroid camera and your friends and relatives could leave you a photo before leaving.

4.Alinea wooden wall frame

Alinea Hapa wooden wall frame

The wooden frames, give a real to an interior, whether they are brown, white or black, they fit into every room. With the Hapa frames, you will be able to make original mixes, thanks to the different sizes available.

5.A modern photo frame from BHV

Glass and metal frame from BHV

Horizontally or vertically, this frame will fit everywhere. Sober and chic, with its metal frame and glass walls. Put 3 photos next to each other or 2 one below the other, to each their own style.

6.Superheroes protect your home with Conforama

Superman Conforama Frame

Photo frames yes, but why not frames already ready, all you have to do is hang them on the wall. Silhouettes of superheroes or other characters are offered by Conforama. A simple and effective touch of decoration.

7.House of the world multiview framework

world house multiview white photo frame

The multiview frame is ideal for making a collage of photos. It will be less difficult to choose the photos with Maison du Monde. Several colors are available for all tastes and needs.

8.Botanic plant frame

Botanic plant frame

Want to plant at home, but you can’t find any more space and you like originality. Wall frames with plants are ideal. Plants that require little maintenance, which will not scare those who do not have a green thumb.

9.Vegetable wall vase frame

Plant wall vase frame

To decorate your plant interior, opt for the plant vases frames. With green plants or pretty flowers, anything is possible with these wall vases.

10.Original wall frames

Original wall frame with branch

Think original, pretty frames, hanging on a string and a wooden branch. Naturalness and originality a perfect adaptation to decorate an interior. All that remains is to find the perfect branch.

Bonus: The Canvas Wall Frame, a way to add art to your interior

Canvas Wall Art in a Dining Room

Wall canvases can be likened to paintings, today you can find a canvas frame, which you can customize, with sublime landscapes or more artistic and colorful. Available in different sizes, you can integrate it where you want.

Some paintings are so detailed, you might think it’s a photo. The canvas allows to have a particularly precise rendering of an element, it can bring depth to a room, add a touch of color.

To make the right choice, think about what you like, what you want to bring to your room and your decoration. Don’t choose based on trends, as you could quickly get bored. When choosing a wall canvas, consider the color of your wall, but also that of the furniture that will surround it.

It has to fit perfectly into your room and not just be there, because you found it beautiful, if you chose it before you thought about where to put it is the room that will have to adapt to it.

If in the end the canvas is too large or imposing, remove a few decorative elements that do not seem essential to you. If, for example, you have a room where the majority colors are sober, choose a colored canvas, if you like travel, choose a landscape.

So what type of wall frame will you go for?

The choice can be difficult, given the amount of possibilities. But it is always nice to have a wall dressed in a nice wall frame. Photos, plants, images, metal figures. A white wall, black or whatever the color, each color has its own frame.

Wall frames, rectangles, squares, ovals, rounds let your imagination create a personal decoration to your taste.

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