10 good reasons to travel frequently

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How many times have you bumped into friends and family who are constantly criticizing your travel hobby? Some say it’s too expensive, others say it’s a waste of time, when in fact the benefits of traveling are many.

But in case you’re struggling to reconnect with your travel purpose, or just want to send this message to those who can’t understand your passion, here we give you 10 great reasons to travel.

Getting to know yourself

Firstly, traveling allows you to know yourself better. You have time to think about the meaning of your life, your current and future projects.

Traveling alone gives you a different outlook, forcing you to step out of your comfort zone and meet strangers, who can, perhaps, become good friends. Traveling accompanied can be a good challenge to see if you can support the person 24 hours a day

Either way, all the time you spend on a bus, car, plane, or boat gives you the opportunity to reflect on your own reality and that of others.

You will be taken to travel regions, countries where the standard of living is not the same. Which will develop in you respect, appreciation and kindness as you share your experiences with locals who struggle for food or live with limited means.

It helps us appreciate the finer things in life and live them to the fullest.

This is the opportunity to test new things

There are often unforeseen events during travel and that pushes us to go further and exceed our limits, because it is not conceivable to give up.

Sometimes you will have to change the route and take the longer, more restrictive route. Instead of being negative, you have to appreciate the bright side and try new things that you would never have dared to try if the circumstances were different.

Trying new experiences helps us discover what we are capable of, allows us to see our true potential, in addition to making us psychologically stronger.

And, of course, most of the time you will enjoy it, so have no fear and keep going!

To meet new people

The meetings we make on the road become new friends, not only they teach us about different lifestyles and cultures, but they also leave us with lasting friendships. Networking is one of the most rewarding benefits of travel.

If you are a person who has a hard time making friends in real life, you will find that traveling makes it easy and enjoyable. A lot of people will listen to your accent, look at your clothes and ask you where you are from, and this, my friend, is the ultimate icebreaker.

Of course, there are certain cultures where meeting people in a bar or at the beach will not be so easy, but many places like Latin America, Asia or African countries treat foreigners very well and are even fascinated by them.

Start to exercise sustainably

Let’s be honest, exercise isn’t for everyone. Finding the motivation to go to the gym can be difficult, but when you travel, you walk for miles to your destination without realizing the physical exertion you put in.

It is also interesting to try new sports, such as kayaking, hiking, and snowboarding. Sports you might never have thought of playing at home.

Creates unforgettable memories

It’s all about the history of Instagram these days and how many things one can do per day. It’s cool, but what’s even cooler is making memories that can’t be fully photographed.

The feeling of peace and happiness you get when you arrive at your destination, that joy that crosses your chest when you take five minutes to appreciate your surroundings is indescribable.

And if you travel with a friend, you will forge a strong bond. You will be posting many of your experiences on Instagram, but what is beyond the picture will stay with you forever.

Disconnect from work

We all love our jobs, but one of our favorite perks of travel is to disconnect from it.

The secret is to break with the monotony. Traveling lowers your stress level and helps stimulate your creative thinking.

Before you go on a trip, just tell your partners or employer that you might not be available 24/7 as they are used to and it will do. .

Boost health while traveling

This is the part your family will enjoy the most. In addition to helping manage daily stress, traveling improves health.

Travel is scientifically proven to boost our immune system, sharpen our spirits, decrease the risk of developing heart disease, relieve digestive issues, improve our coping ability, increase our creativity, and even improve our skin.

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