10 pairs of cat earrings that you will love!

Are you looking for a pair of cat earrings to go with your outfit? Look no further here are the top 10 best available on the market. Among them you will inevitably find a pair that will make you happy and that you will want to wear every day.

A small ball of white pearl

These pairs of cat earrings in solid silver (92.5%) are the ideal accessory for the evenings. They allow your beauty and elegance to stand out more when you wear a nice outfit. Hand polished, the jewel adapts to all ear shapes.

Scaly cat head

Cat Earrings - Scaly cat head!

This jewel is the ideal choice for people who have a taste for shine. It is available in solid silver (92.5%) or red gold plated. The Scaly Cat Head has a fancy effect that makes it so charming.

Little Sinful Cat

Earrings (Silver) - Little Sinful Cat

The message that can be decoded from this jewel is the following: the little cat who goes fishing and returns with a beautiful booty. It is simply a touch of madness that is added to your elegance whose story is told through these pairs of earrings.

Heart in Pink Crystal

Earrings (Silver) - The Pink Crystal Heart

It is a jewel in the heart that presents the immensity of a cat’s love. The cat is holding a pink crystal heart between its paws. Tenderness and love are conveyed through this hand-polished jewel.

The beautiful cat with the long tail

Earrings (Silver) - The Magnificent Cat with the Long Tail

As the name suggests, this gem is simply stunning. Its design is marked by the presence of a mother cat and a kitten. With style and scale, this jewel remains perfect with any outfit.

A big hearted cat

Cat Earrings (Silver) - A cat with a big heart!

This little gem is the bridge that leads you to great happiness. It is the go-to choice for those who love cats. Femininity and love will be in your ears through these earrings.

All dressed in crystal

Earrings (Silver) - All Crystal clad

Crystals and silver blend perfectly to give this jewel all its originality. With delicacy, the finesse of this jewel will suit all your outfits.

Little cats playing with little beads

Earrings (Silver) - Small cats playing with small pearls

It’s cute to see, the kittens in their carefree fun. This jewel presents their acrobatic tricks thus forming figures on the pearl that they also hold in balance. The jewel is beautiful and adorable without a doubt!


Cat Earrings (Silver) - Le Poisson Chat!

Wrongly viewed by many as a flaw, the Catfish is simply different from its peers. Wear this difference to your ears with this finely cut jewel.

Love’s paws

Cat Earrings (Silver) - The paws of love

92.5% silver, finesse, and handmade, these are some of the assets of this jewel. It is perfect for all occasions.

All the earrings that we have presented to you are magnificent pieces to wear every day, all these jewels are available on the Bijoux Chat store.

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