10 photos of Brittany that will make you want to travel there

Brittany is getting away from it all, whether it’s walking or enjoying a good meal, making your dreams come true or simply exploring. On the hiking trails, on the beach or in the cobbled streets, take a deep breath of the sea air and let yourself go: this is Brittany!

1.The Pink Granite Coast

Source / Credit: fr.wikipedia.org

In this very mild coastal climate, you will be surrounded by amazing landscapes, rich nature and a unique historical heritage. Look around you! You will see birds and seals, and steeples that might even appear pink – no, you are not dreaming!

2.South Brittany – Gulf of Morbihan

aerial view Gulf of Morbihan - Rhuys peninsula
Source / Credit: fr.wikipedia.org

Enjoy the sweet life of the Gulf Islands, discover the megalithic secrets and half-timbered houses, experience the sensations of ocean racing, picnic on the deck of a traditional sailboat on the island of Groix, and stroll on the banks of Blavet and Scorff. South Brittany – Gulf of Morbihan offers you unforgettable experiences!

3.Wild coast Belle Ile

Wild coast Belle Ile in Morbihan
Source / Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Belle Île, aptly named, with its craggy cliffs and rock stacks line the island’s west coast while quaint pastel harbors nestle along its east side. For those who love tanning and outdoor activities, there is no shortage of beautiful beaches and activities.

4.Kermario-Carnac alignment

Alignment of Kermario at Carnac in Brittany
Source / Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

In the village of Carnac, in Brittany, on the northwest coast of France, there is a megalithic site. Here in the open fields are over 3,000 standing stones arranged in long rows of parallel lines, called “alignments,” some of which stretch for several hundred meters. Probably erected in the Neolithic, probably around 3300 BC. AD, it is the largest megalithic site in the world.

5.The bay of Quiberon

  The bay of Quiberon

The bay of Quiberon, a heavenly place, where it is possible to walk on the water to get to fine sand banks. Play with the swamps, collect seashells, find your lunch with the mussels hanging on the rocks.

6 bay of Saint-Brieuc

Nature reserve of the bay of Saint-Brieuc
Source / Credit: fr.wikipedia.org

From the famous fishing port of Paimpol to the majestic capes of Cap Fréhel and Cap d’Erquy, you will discover a land steeped in the finer things in life – great food, great beauty and lots of excitement. With the bay of Saint-Brieuc at the heart of the region, you can admire magnificent landscapes and a protected natural environment under a full range of lights and changing colors.

7.The Cap de la Chèvre

Cap de la Chèvre in Finistere in Brittany
Source / Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Lost high in the Parc d’Armorique in central Finistère, the village of Huelgoat looks sleepy at first glance, and its lake is calm. However, descend into the Argent Valley and suddenly you will find yourself in the middle of a mass of magical mossy boulders that have awakened the Breton imagination in a fabulous way.

8.The Mont d’Arrée

The summit of Mont d'Arée
Source / Credit: fr.wikipedia.org

Even if you are not really a morning person, you cannot fail to be enchanted watching the sun rise at the top of the Monts d’Arrée. The typical beauty of the landscape, the magical effects of the play of light, the mystery of the surrounding moor… plus Youenn’s passionate commentary – a feast for your eyes and ears. Wake up slowly from the land of dreams….

9.Lake Guerlédan

At dawn on Lake Guerledan
Source / Credit: Emmanuel Berthier

West of Mûr-de-Bretagne is Lac de Guerlédan, the largest lake in Brittany. Not only is it the perfect place to bask in the sun or to splurge on the water, the area also offers many trails for walking and biking. The Quénécan forest and the Abbey of Bon Repos are not to be missed.

10. Browse the Faouët

Sainte-Barbe Chapel on Le_Faouët_
Source / Credit: fr.wikipedia.org

Named after the beeches that mark the pretty rural and hilly region that surrounds it, the town of Faouët stands quietly in the north-west of Morbihan. Its centerpiece is its gigantic covered market square, but its magnificent peripheral chapels have also attracted painters, as the museum recalls.

The best places to take photography in Brittany

In Brittany, there are so many improbable and unknown places. And yet, in Brittany these types of places are places to take magnificent photographs. A rich, wild landscape between hillside, sea and forest, nature lovers will inevitably find their happiness.

We gave you 10 of these places, but Brittany is full of secrets, take the steep paths filled with history and find the best spots to take pictures of Brittany. Do not hesitate to share with us your favorite places to photograph in Brittany, to help us discover this beautiful region even more.

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