10 tips to help your child sleep well during a heatwave

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In France, a heat wave is expected in the coming days. For many people, the sun and heat during the day is a very welcome change. However, when night comes, it can lead to a really bad night’s sleep. In an ideal world, a child’s room should be kept between 16-20 degrees, but without an air conditioner it’s difficult, here are some other ways to reduce the temperature to the recommended range.

Tips to help your child sleep:

Keep windows closed.

During the day, close the windows so that very hot outside air does not enter the house. The temptation is to open the windows, but during a heat wave, the air outside will likely be much warmer than the air inside.

Keep the curtains closed

Particularly in rooms exposed to the sun. When direct sunlight enters a bedroom, it heats the room. Keep curtains closed to minimize room warming.

Give children a cold bath before going to bed.

Usually, a warm bath is a good plan before bed to help promote sleep, but in hot weather a cooler bath will help lower their body temperature before bed.

Use a fan.

A fan can help move the air around the room to help the child stay cool. A frozen water bottle can also be placed in front of the fan to help blow even cooler air.

Do not point the ventilator directly at the child’s face and make sure that the ventilator and the power cable are out of the child’s reach. Some people are worried about noise that may prevent the child from sleeping, but don’t worry. The child quickly gets used to the sound of the fan.

Make her wear less clothes at night.

Have the child sleep in as little clothing as possible to help him feel fresh. A baby can only sleep in a diaper.

Use a cool damp cloth on the forehead.

If your child or baby is very upset with the heat, try placing a cool, damp cloth on their forehead for a short time. This is especially useful if the child or baby is very upset, as they may get even hotter if they get angry.

Keep the child hydrated.

In hot weather, it’s easy to get dehydrated. Let the child drink a glass or bottle of cold water overnight. This will help them calm down and stay hydrated. Bottle-fed babies can be given cool water.

Impermeable mattress covers should be removed.

Waterproof sheets that can be placed over the beds to prevent bedwetting accidents from entering the mattress often promote sweating. Therefore, in extremely hot weather, favor the diaper, or use a towel on the mattress.

Fill a bottle warmer with crushed ice and cold water.

It can be really helpful to place cold water and ice cubes to help keep the temperature low. Make sure the water heater has a cover so that the bottle does not come into direct contact with the child.

Reassure your child.

Sometimes a little comfort is enough. Reassure your child that the weather is unusually warm and that it is perfectly normal for them to be warm in bed, but that you want to help them feel better.

With these few tips, you will help your child to have a better night in the hot weather. You can also follow some of them for yourself, of course, because the night may be long for you too.

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