1st Job Interview – How to Promote Yourself Despite the Lack of Professional Experience?

To get the job of their dreams, any job seeker must necessarily go through the interview stage. If you are new to the job market, you need to fill in your gaps with little tricks. This will captivate the recruiter. How to promote yourself for your first job despite the lack of professional experience?

Everything is played in the 1st contact

Interview for a first job in a café

Whether or not you lack professional experience, a job interview is always essential. You have to mark your employer, because everything is played in the first contact. To do this, you need to focus on these three critical points.


Your attire is the first thing your employer sees. You must present yourself with responsible and above all conventional attire. Avoid overdoing it and dress simply.

While a suit is suitable for men, women should opt for outfits that are not too tight and not too short. Your clothes reveal your personality.

Body expression

Before any contact, the first thing is to be punctual. This attitude will help you avoid embarrassing or stressful situations. Likewise, your body expression should be dynamic and confident. Always stay smiling and jovial. Maintain a healthy glow and avoid putting a lot of pressure on yourself.

Look relaxed and above all, avoid parasitic gestures (moving legs for example) which may trap you.

The presentation or the pitch

This step is capital, because very eliminatory. Your first speech should be simple and catchy. You need to keep your pitch short and to the point. Highlight your skills and let the recruiter start the question of work experience.

The cover letter must be out of the ordinary

Stand out from other candidates by going out of the ordinary, your cover letter must be unique and dynamic. Above all, avoid copy and paste on search engine writing sites. In writing your motivation, it is not necessary to insist on your lack of professional experience, but you can take advantage of valuable advice on the modeles-cv.fr site.

On the contrary, highlight your training and your developed or acquired skills. Recruiters are certainly looking for professionals, but what catches their attention is the qualification of the candidates.

Prove that despite the inexperience you have good skills for the job

As a beginner, you absolutely need to demonstrate good skills. They must be closely linked to your school or student background. Naturally, a first job goes through a trial test. You will therefore have to prove that you have the capacity to meet the requirements of the desired position.

To do this, make sure you are well trained and informed about the job you want to do. Next, introduce your recruiter to the positive impact you can make in their business. Consolidate your demonstration by presenting specific examples of your vision and intellectual capacities.

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