2 HP chassis and convertible top, what you need to know

The vintage side of the 2CV gives it a charm that lasts over time and its canvas hood which even earns it the status of a convertible. But over time, this part as well as the vehicle frame can suffer irreparable damage. Before replacing them, know how to perform the correct diagnostics.

2 CV soft top, remember to detect the first signs of wear

The canopy of a 2CV is made of heavy-duty cotton and grain canvas. However, folding and unfolding it can quickly cause wear and tear, especially at the joints that connect it to the remains of the car. It is therefore necessary to first check these corners quite often. Under the effect of time, small cracks can also weaken the canvas. At this time, it is necessary to replace it.

2CV convertible top opening systems

You should know that the top of a 2CV can have an exterior or interior opening system. In principle, the convertible top can have both systems, ie it can be opened from the inside as well as from the outside. Opening internally is more appreciated, as it saves you from getting out of the car to open it.

How to diagnose the condition of the chassis of your 2CV?

The chassis of the 2CV is the base on which your entire vehicle is built. In order to carry out a good diagnosis of this one, you will first of all have to see the general condition of the body of your car. Indeed, noticing certain openings in the hood especially at the headlights. Aside from that, yawns and even detachments on the wing cheeks are also significant clues.

What you should not do

At the first signs of degradation of the chassis, some “handymen” reinforce it by using sheets that are too thick and rigid. Sometimes, because of the holes caused by the corrosion, plugging the gaps is not enough. In order to limit the damage, other people carry out mending which is as futile as it is ineffective. In addition, be aware that the law prohibits the use of welded frames.

To conclude, before replacing the frame and the top of your 2CV, you should know how to recognize the distinctive signs of their degradation. Then, calling in a professional is recommended whether in the restoration, repair or replacement of certain parts.

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