Republican senator urges President to halt shut down


Lindsey Graham, says he is in favor of a momentary resumption of activities of the federal government, which is on its 23rd day of shut down, to allow negotiations on a budget agreement likely to meet the requirements of the President on Border Security.

The Democrats in Congress refuse to include in the framework of legislation the release of 5.7 billion US dollars to finance the construction of an antimigrant wall at the US-Mexico border, a key promise of Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign.

The Democrats also refuse any further negotiations as long as the government, at the partial halt since December 22, will resume its activities. The current federal paralysis is the longest known in the United States .

Lindsey Graham, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he asked Donald Trump on Sunday to reopen the government for a limited period of time to allow a resumption of budget negotiations.

If no progress is found, said Lindsey Graham, President Trump could then proclaim a state of national emergency to obtain funding for his wall – an idea that is not to the taste of some Republicans.

“Before he gives up the legislative option – and I think we’re practically there – I’m asking that the government be reopened for a limited time, say three weeks, to see if we can get an agreement Said the Republican Senator on the Fox News channel.

Eight hundred thousand federal employees are unemployed in the United States because of partial paralysis and some government services are shut down. Donald Trump continues to blame this impasse to the Democrats.

“I’m at the White House and I’m waiting. Democrats are everywhere except Washington, while people are waiting to be paid. And they have fun and do not even discuss! “, Tweeted Sunday the American president.


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