Automotive Roller Tappets Market Set Explosive Growth By 2026


Automotive roller tappets, also known as valve lifter or cam follower, is a small equipment interposed between valves or the valve lifting mechanism and the cam shaft lobe, depending the engine design requirements. It is essentially a cup that provides housing to valve stem and valve return spring, and imparts the linear motion projection to component. This critical application in every automotive is expected to be the primary factor that will continue to provide industry growth through the forecast period.

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Proliferating adoption of variable valve timing (VVT) or dual VVT will be among the prominent factors fueling market growth

High performance automobiles and racing cars find substantial application of VVT technology. It enhances the performance through variating the valve timings and changing the duration of the valves when the engine is in operation. Incorporation of VVT and lift electronic control (VTEC), which is an advanced vehicle technology, allows integration of multiple camshafts through electronic or mechanical linking systems. This in turn also enhances the efficiency of the engines and performance through increasing the revolutions per minute (RPM). Owing to its critical applications in camshafts, increasing adoption of VTEC or VVT is expected to drive the automotive roller tappets market growth through the forecast period.

Mechanical products are expected to dominate the automotive roller tappets market share primarily owing to design simplicity and high consumer inclination

The mechanical segment consists of the cylindrical rod incorporated with tappet at the one end. When placed in between the push rod and cam lobe, it establishes and maintains small gap amidst the two ends. It pushes the rod for opening or closing the valve, when cam lobe comes in contact. According to Coherent Market Insights, the mechanical product counterpart is expected to continue its dominance over the forecast period, owing to its design simplicity and good performance over the next few years.

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Asia Pacific will continue its industry share dominance over the forecast period

High demands for automotive production in major Asia Pacific economies that include prominent countries such as China, India, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea and Thailand are expected to provide substantial growth prospects over the next few years. Moreover, establishment of production facilities in these regions by the major automobile industry participants that include General Motors, Daimler, and Volkswagen are expected to provide strong growth prospects for automotive roller tappets market growth.

Industry competition is characterized by versatile presence of local, regional and international players. Local players are increasingly focusing on differentiating their products through providing low cost alternatives, wherein are finding difficult to cope up with the quality and extensive portfolio of the key brands in the industry. Key automotive roller tappets market participants include MPCams, Lunati, Crower Cams & Equipment, OTICS USA, ISKY Cams, Rane Engine Valve, Wuxi Xizhou, Yuhuan Huiyu, SM Motorenteile, Jinan, Schaeffler, Johnson lifters, Morel Lifters, NSK, and Competition Cams.


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