Orthopedic Braces and Support Market: Industry Analysis, Geographical Segmentation, Drivers, Challenges, Trends Forecasts Report 2026-2026


Orthopedic braces are wearable medical devices that provide appropriate alignment, positional correction, supporting the muscles, stabilizing and protecting several parts of the body that mainly includes joints, bones, and muscles. These devices are mainly prescribed by orthopedics and orthotists to the patients who have suffered from major injuries and are used in prophylaxis of these damages. Orthopedic braces and support devices are used by patients immediately after the injury and are suggested to be worn throughout the course of hospitalization, and also during the rehabilitation. Click To Read More On Orthopedic Braces and Support Market

Orthopedic braces and facilitate specific motion and movements of certain body parts after injury that majorly involves knee, ankle, hip, elbow, neck wrist and fingers and are helpful in healing the deformities caused to an individual after various distressing events such as accidents, sport injuries, falls, fractures, sprains, and dislocations. Besides serving as healing aids, these braces can also be used as preventive wearable devices by athletes and any other sport players in order to keep injuries away.

Prophylactic segment to be the largest share of the Orthopedic braces market.

The orthopedic braces market is divided into four segments namely of prophylactic, osteoarthritis, injury, and others. The estimates suggest largest share of the orthopedic braces market by the prophylactic braces segment in 2016. This large share of the prophylactic segment is majorly attributed to utilization of these braces in preventing injuries and reducing sports injury rates especially among the sports fraternity in the U.S. and other European countries.

Over the counter is the preferred is the preferred sales channel in the global orthopedic braces and support market. The federal government of the US suggests an expected growth of 60% in 2020 in the costs for orthopedic surgeries.

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North America to be the largest geographical segment in the orthopedic braces and support market

North America, followed by Europe was the largest revenue contributor in the global orthopedic braces and support market in 2016. Certain factors responsible for stimulating the growth of orthopedic braces in Asian countries such as China and India and also in Brazil are increasing GDP, growing healthcare spending, increasing public awareness regarding availability of various treatments, preventive measures adopted by the growing middle class population and change in lifestyle.


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