GoFundMe Promises To Shut Down Anti-Vaccination Campaign


The anti-vaccination campaign has garnered US$ 170,000 on the GoFundMe platform in the last four years.

The popular crowdfunding website, GoFundMe has pledged to remove any anti-vaccination campaign running on their website. This decision was taken to stop the misinformation regarding vaccination on the platform. Currently, there are several anti-vax campaigns going on, to raise fund promoting anti-vaccination movement. The company said they will conduct a thorough review and will remove every campaign on the platform. According to the company such campaigns violate GoFundMe’s terms and policies and hence will be removed soon.

Recently, a popular anti-vaccination campaign on GoFundMe was brought into the light. Andrew Wakefield’s Vaxxed series was one of the first anti-vax documentaries on Amazon Prime, which received funding. However, it is expected to be removed on the March 1, 2019. To help fund a sequel, the Vaxxed GoFundMe campaign was started, which also included funding for film’s tour through Birmingham, Alabama. According to GoFundMe’s terms and policies, the campaigns that make dubious health claims are prohibited. However, that measure is rarely practiced. In fact, such campaigns have garnered at least US$ 170,000 on the platform in the last four years.

It is no surprise that popular internet platforms are blocking such campaigns. In February 2019, Pinterest said that they are blocking all the ads related to vaccination in order to stop spreading misinformation. Similarly, Facebook has vowed to stop anti-vaccination ads on the platform, and YouTube is preventing anti-vaccine channels from running ads which cuts off their income. Moreover, Amazon also removed Vaxxed on March 1, 2019 which was an anti-vaccination documentary on Amazon Prime.



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