Cloudflare Launches Service That Adds Free VPN For Smartphones


The U.S. based service provider’s DNS service will provide free VPN to the app for smartphones.

The service network provider has launched DNS service that will provide free VPN to the app connecting smartphones. The main objective of the launched service is to be faster than other networks, be secure and most importantly respect privacy. The warp feature introduced by the company gives the user better privacy while browsing internet server. The carrier will track the browsing history but is not permitted to encrypt the internet traffic. However, the DNS service allows encryption to be carried out manually.

The Warp feature allows encryption of connection to the company’s server and its main objective is to reduce the usage if data by compressing the content at places possible. The VPN service also allows the user to hide internet traffic on the smartphone including installed apps on the device. The network service provider promises to keep up with the privacy protection clauses claimed by the company. The company vouches to never sell user’s browsing data to any third party, use any targeted advertising to lure users or ask the users to provide personal information such as name or email ID’s for signing up purposes.

The VPN service provided by the company will operate on freemium model allowing the users to upgrade to Warp+ giving them the experience of faster performance with a very low monthly charge. However, the novel warp feature is not yet available to all users, one can enlist their names on the waitlist in the official app to acquire the service.


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