New Study Reveals 36 Security Flaws in LTE Network


Cybersecurity experts have found that the LTE network is muddled in flaws, and could pose serious security threats

It is common knowledge that today’s telecom facilities, are riddled in some glaring security concerns. Analysts and cybersecurity experts have continually voiced concerns about the flaws in the telecom infrastructure, employed nowadays across the globe. Confirming the suspicions about security, a group of cybersecurity researchers, from South Korea, have conducted a study which found as many as 36 possible routes of security breach in the LTE network, which is globally used nowadays.

The researchers found that network operators and ISP’s can easily spy on a customer’s routine activities on internet abled devices. Network providers can eavesdrop on telephone conversations, and this may sometimes be detected by the user being temporarily disconnected from the network.

The research team created a software called the LTEFuzz, capable of detecting any discrepancies in the network. Although the LTE network makes use of a much stronger security infrastructure compared to previous networks, the research team was still able to find a host of security errors in the network. They fund that LTE enabled devices, were easily prone to hijacks, through which the hijacker can gain access to the user’s phone records, messaging and surfing history, and location. The hacker even has the capacity to alienate the device from the LTE network, if they are so inclined.

Overall the team identified as many as 36 possible hacks, which the network is prone to. At a time when the masses are demanding that their privacy be left untouched, this revelation comes as an eye opener. There is a pressing need for some kind of a regulatory body, which oversees all operations of telecom service providers, for they now have an unbridled access to a user’s private information.


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