Sony Corporation Updates Its Refund Policy For US Customers


The PlayStation Stores will now cater refunds to the U.S. customers on pre-orders and faulty purchases.

The Japanese multinational company, headquartered in Tokyo on April 1, 2019, announced to update its refund policy for faulty purchases and pre-orders precisely to the customers of the United States. Sony officially laid down the new rules for refund on its site to provide an insight of the purchases.

According to the updated policy, if a game is ordered by a customer fourteen days before the official release date, the customer is allowed to ask for a refund until the release date. However, if the customer pre-orders the PlayStation fewer days before fourteen days of release date then the customer is allowed to ask for refund till two weeks after the official launch of the product. The revised policy also claims that the customer is eligible for refund if he has not streamed or downloaded the game yet. The exceptional customers will be regarded the ones who have faulty gaming products however, Sony has not yet elaborated the meaning of “faulty”. Furthermore, the refunds will only be transferred in the PlayStation wallet. The revised rules and regulations apply to season passes, full games, content which can be downloaded and avtars.

In the recent past, the refund policy only benefitted customers of the European Union who were eligible to secure refunds on pre-orders. The American gamers did not benefit from the PlayStation policy except for a few game developers. Nevertheless, all the American customers are now eligible of the revised refund policy which is clarified on the official PlayStation Store Website.


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