3 Applications to Have a Second Number with iPhone or Android

With the evolution of telephony services, it is now possible for you to have a second line without necessarily having a dual SIM terminal. In general, you have two options for obtaining a second number on your iPhone or Android: you can either use specific applications such as Burner, 2ndLine and Numbber, or subscribe to the solutions offered by your mobile operator. .

Top 3 applications to have a free number

On the App Store as on the Google Play store, there are a multitude of applications allowing you to obtain a second free phone number. Of course, they are not all created equal in terms of efficiency, practicality or cost. Some of the best include Burner, 2ndLine, and Numbber.

Burner a number for 1 week

This application allows you to obtain a free primary line with the code of your choice, as well as a secondary number for your calls, SMS and MMS. It is ideal for companies, Start-ups, autoentrepreneurs or Freelancers… who wish to have a professional, reliable and flexible number for work. But also for anyone who wants to stay in touch without using their personal number.

After downloading the application, you get a 7-day free trial allowing you to benefit from a phone number of your choice. However, to keep your number longer or to obtain several secondary lines, you must subscribe to one of the subscription plans offered in the app. Burner is compatible with Android from version 2.3, as well as iOS 6.0 and later.

2ndLine, a free American number

Undoubtedly one of the most popular in its category, this virtual telephony app developed by TextNow Inc. has recorded a little more than 10 million downloads on the Play Store. Briefly, installing 2ndLine allows you to obtain a free American or Canadian phone number on your smartphone.

Once registered, you can make or receive unlimited calls, SMS and MMS for free within the United States or Canada. The app also offers affordable rates for international calls.

Numbber take advantage of a “box” number

Finally, to benefit from a second free line on your Android or iOS terminal, you can use Numbber. With this app, you can quickly get a separate box number from your main line, allowing you to make calls and SMS. Note, however, that the virtual number thus obtained remains active during the 7-day trial period. Therefore you will have to take out a subscription to keep your line and buy credit to continue making your calls.

Get a second number directly from your mobile operator

Black cell phone lying on a wooden table

Certain French mobile operators offer their subscribers the possibility of benefiting from a second telephone number from a single SIM card. This is particularly the case with Bouygues Telecom with its Bduo service offering. For 2 € / month, the operator activates a second line for you to make your calls, your SMS and manage your contacts without necessarily using a third-party application.

In the wake of Bouygues, Orange offers a somewhat similar service, but with more limited potential. Called Switch Number, it is an application allowing subscribers to create a temporary number to make and receive calls within France only. The second line is valid for 48 hours and renewable for 7 days.

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