3-day beard: How to Trim and Maintain it?

In our era, fashions are constantly changing. What was trendy a year ago is no longer trendy today. Sometimes long-buried fads return to the headlines. To illustrate, we can compare this functioning to an eternal restarting.

Still, the three-day beard is a trend that has happened in recent years, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to go away. Only a few decades ago, it was still a real sign of neglect and letting go, to such an extent that it was extremely frowned upon by public opinion! While today it couldn’t be more democratized, and makes any man who wears it look wild and alluring.

However, it is essential to maintain a 3-day beard so as not to have this famous neglected effect which bothered so much decades ago, and which still bothers today.

What material to maintain your 3-day beard?

Fortunately, a three-day beard doesn’t require a lot of materials despite the regular maintenance it requires. Inexpensive, the maintenance equipment for his beard is therefore very accessible! You will easily find all this material in supermarkets or on online stores such as Eternal Paris.

  • A trimmer with comb, essential to equalize the length of the beard hairs.
  • A beard stencil, or a fine comb.
  • A moisturizing oil.

How to trim a 3-day beard?

When creating the beard, it is advisable to let the hairs grow for a good week in order to get off to a good start. Thus, the hairs being longer, they will be much easier to trim!

To start, the first step is to wash your beard, then dry it lightly. Using a fine comb, the hairs should be untangled and smoothed out.

Now is the time to get serious. At this stage, the use of a clipper mower is essential. It alone allows control the length of hairs trimmed, and this is typically what is needed for a three day beard.

First, the larger comb must be integrated on the mower. If we use the largest first, it is to leave room for error. Not cutting the hair flush, such a length allows you to achieve the desired result smoothly. Acting safely often helps prevent many disasters!

Then just run the mower against the grain of the face, starting from the base of the neck. Since the length of a three-day beard is usually 3 millimeters, it is enough to repeat the same gesture several times, or to change the large comb for a smaller one once the habit is established.

Priority to contours!

Man getting his beard trimmed at the barber shop

A poorly groomed 3-day beard quickly gives an unattractive, unkempt look. It may well be mowed to perfection, it will always keep this look until an essential step has not been taken: the contours! Without them, no clean and clear result will be possible. They greatly contribute to the appearance of the protruding face and the square jaw adored by many women …

L‘using a beard stencil makes the task much easier, although it can be done with a fine comb.

With the fine comb, just place the rod at the level of the cheekbone, keeping it straight. Starting from the top of the ear and joining the corner of the lips, this imaginary line will be useful as a guide. All the hairs above must therefore be shaved clean with a precision razor such as a shavette for example. It is also possible to drop slightly below this line for a more open effect.

For the mustache, many recommend that it be less marked than the rest of the beard, in order to maintain a soft and attractive appearance. However, it is important to cut the hairs falling on the corners of the lips, whether for a question of comfort or aesthetics.

Finally, last step but not the least, it is now necessary to delimit the three-day beard in relation to the neck! Being one of its ends, it is important to properly trim this area to, once again, avoid the sloppy look.

Head in the air, the starting point is the angle just below the jaw, which will go up to two fingers above the Adam’s apple. In this area, just draw a rounded line following the shape of the face. In order not to create a strange contrast between the face and the neck, it is more aesthetic to create a degraded effect with the trimmer.

Don’t forget to hydrate and maintain!

Many men are subject to redness and irritation after shaving. To avoid such an inconvenience, it is important to moisturize your skin after such an attack!

To do so, nothing could be simpler: just apply a small amount of moisturizing aftershave oil, in the direction of the hair. It’s soft, it smells good, and in addition it hydrates!

As for maintenance, it is difficult to get simpler. It will be the same process cited in this article each time. But with even less effort, because it will only be small touch-up every 3 to 4 days depending on the speed of your hair growth !

Finally, being attractive is not that difficult, is it?

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