3 good occasions to offer a bouquet of flowers

Flowers are the ideal compromise, to offer for all occasions. Depending on the shape and color, they convey a message, which might be difficult to express verbally. For a birthday, a date or for a funeral, it is not uncommon to offer or to be offered flowers, but how to choose them according to the occasion.

I am invited to dinner what type of flowers to offer

Being invited to a dinner is always the opportunity to have a good time. There is no ideal bouquet, all flowers are suitable when you are invited to a meal with friends, family, or more formally with colleagues. The main thing is to please and show that you do not come empty-handed, that you thank your hosts.

It is a gift that rarely makes you unhappy, except if the person is allergic, which is quite rare, but it is better to find out beforehand. It’s always nice to receive something when you invite, even if that is not the original intention of the invitation.

What type of flowers for a birthday?

Usually you will choose flowers that are seasonal, local, and especially fresh flowers. But adapting and thinking about the person who will receive it is essential. Try to know her favorite color, her favorite flowers. Flowers for birthday, are an ideal gift, which allows to convey the desired message, to express your friendship and more if this is the case.

Surprise the person to whom you are gifting birthday flowers, delivered to their home or work. You will make all her coworkers jealous and she will be very flattered. It is a sign of love that will show that you care about her and you will prove it by showing it to those around her.

Flowers to offer for a funeral

There are less joyous occasions, to which we are led to offer flowers, such as funerals. It is therefore necessary to privilege, the sober and simple colored flowers, flowers which express your support and which put words on words difficult to say. A difficult moment that is not easy to go through and can be relieved with such care.

The appropriate flowers for this kind of occasion, are chrysanthemums, white roses and lilies expressing purity. Carnations show tenderness and respect, hydrangeas they are perfect for decorating a grave. It is always nice to be able to adorn and give color to a day that is very sad.

For a date, what are the appropriate flowers

The night of your date is fast approaching and you don’t want to arrive empty-handed, but you don’t know what type of flower would be appropriate. You should not give flowers that say too much like red roses, it is too personal and you might scare the person away.

But if flowers seem too intimate for you, you can add a gift alongside, such as a box of chocolates, or a bottle to continue the evening. It is also the first message that you will convey, the flowers will show that you are a caring and romantic person.

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