3 laser level brands to choose from to find the best laser level!

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Professional or just a household DIY enthusiast, for all your renovations, you will need a suitable leveling tool. No more wasting time with the bubble level and plumb line! Whatever task you want to accomplish, the laser level is just right for ensuring you have perfect alignment.

However, it is one thing to want a laser level, but it is quite another to find the right brand.

Have you never used a laser level? Nothing serious! While browsing this article you will find some tips for choosing a laser level as well as our top 3 laser level brands.

How to choose your laser level?

To guide your choice of laser level, you must take into account a few criteria, the first of which is the nature of the work to be done. The choice of laser level depends heavily on it, because there are several types of laser level as you will find detailed on www.mon-niveau-laser.com.

Depending on the nature of the work to be done

You have the point laser level, which is used for example for installing partitions or leveling false ceilings; the cross laser level, used for laying tiles or furniture; the line laser level, used for installing plinths or stair railings; and the rotary laser level, which is multitasking.

Other criteria to take into account

You must also take into account elements such as the range of the laser level, its precision, its accessories (tripod, staff, glasses), its options (automatic leveling, squareness, plumb, horizontal or vertical alignment), its robustness and the color of the laser (green or red).

Note that a long range is required for outdoor work and a laser level with auto-leveling is recommended, as the device itself takes care of leveling the laser automatically.

The best brands of laser levels

There are several brands of laser level on the market. You will discover our 3 favorite brands below …

Dewalt laser level

Founded in 1924 by Raymond E. DeWalt, the Dewalt brand is a partner of the Stanley Black & Decker group. It is based in the USA and recognized worldwide for DIY hand and power DIY. Dewalt manufactures measuring tools suitable for construction sites such as laser levels of all types.

As a line laser level, you can choose from the models DCE089LR-XJ, DCE0811D1G, DW089K, DCE0811D1R, DCE088D1G, DCE089D1G, DCE089D1R. For cross laser levels, the models available are: DCE0088, DCE0811, DCE089, DCE088K. As a rotating laser, you can find the models DW079KH, DCE074D1R, DW078KH there. The dot laser models are: DCE085D1G, DW0851, DW085K.

Dewalt products are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase. However, you can have a 3 year warranty on all “CE” standard products.

Bosch laser level

Older, the Bosch brand was founded in 1886 in Germany by Robert Bosch. Today it is a multinational present in almost all technology sectors with its tools of undoubted quality.

Bosch offers several models of laser levels of all types. You have the laser level models GLL 3, GLL 3-80, GLL 3-80 CG, GLL 3-50, PLL 360, PLL 2, Quigo, Quigo plus, GLL 3 ​​X, PCL 20, Quigo 3, GPL 5, GRL 300 HV UniversalLavel 2, 3, 2-Pack and 3-Pack.

Tacklife laser level

Tacklife is also a brand of manufacture and distribution of DIY tools online through the Amazon site. It is present in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and many other countries. The brand offers several models of laser level among which the models SC-L01 and SC-L04.

Note that for Tacklife products, you have 30 days to return them intact and packaged to the company for a refund. The warranty for Tacklife products is 12 months.

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