3 Reasons Why You Should Make Computer Backups: Failure, Theft, and Human Error

These days, securing your computer data is essential, especially if your data is important to you. While it is true that reinstalling software multiple times is not an insurmountable difficulty, it is different for the data you have entered.

Accounting information, customer files, work for customers are all important elements in the life of a business. Keeping them is more difficult given the various risks that exist.

Computer failure

A server that crashes due to overheating, a computer infested with viruses, a bad hard drive… these problems happen quickly and put your company’s computer data or the personal data of customers at risk.

Computer failure can come from many places like a server or a computer. Machines are not foolproof and whether it is the computer or the server, they can fail at any time. Preparing for the risk of breakdown is an obligation for a company.

The flight

In a matter of minutes, a thief can hack your server and cause you to lose all the data on it. Even if there are heavy penalties for web hackers in the event of a crime, that does not repel them.

Data theft has a real financial and economic impact for a company. A company’s wealth of computer data attracts thieves. When a careless person steals a company’s data, they don’t just steal the data of the company and its employees. It also steals the data of its customers and suppliers.

Having company-specific data stolen is already a big blow to the company, so if that of its customers is too, the repercussions can be terrible for the company.

Human error

Backing up data can also be effective when an employee does something wrong. To err is human and the consequences can be fatal if no backup has been made before.

Computer backups: the solution

There is no solution to prevent such a risk but you can implement practices to prevent yourself from losing everything. Backing up your data is one of them.

It is important to properly configure your data backups in order to recover all of them in the event of an incident. Going through an IT service provider such as Bicomm for the backup of your data and all the other missions of an IT company is a recommended approach.

An IT service provider will be able to guide you in choosing the software and hardware solutions suited to your needs and goals. In addition, an IT service provider will not stop only at backing up your data, he has expertise in many IT fields. Such as IT maintenance, IT assistance, troubleshooting, network infrastructure configuration or server settings.

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