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By definition, augmented reality is a technology that aims to help you integrate virtual 3D elements into a real environment. It is based on the principle of the superposition of the virtual and the real, so as to give the illusion of perfect integration. Augmented reality is a technology that can be adapted to many sectors of professional activity. Several solutions are in fact offered today as part of the integration of this technology into businesses. What are they ?

Augmented reality through the creation of filters

Among the solutions most used by companies when talking about augmented reality, the creation of filters is particularly useful for the marketing and commerce sector. Note that there are different types of filters that can be created.

Face Animation Filter

If there is one tool that is popular at the moment when it comes to creating filters, it is “Face Animations”. These innovative filters, developed by the FilterMaker agency, allow you to add and animate certain elements on the face of a person who is standing in front of the camera of their smartphone or computer. The principle here is relatively simple: funny animations are created, with the user as the main actor. His eyelash beats, the movements of his head or even the opening of his mouth are all elements that are used to make such a filter.

The filters designed will then be redistributed by each Internet user with his community. Isn’t this a fun and effective method of conveying your brand’s values ​​and vision to your consumers?

Augmented reality games

Augmented reality games are also tools that can help you with your marketing and communication strategy. They are created from animations and allow the user to interact with their facial movements. It may in particular be a racing game, a quiz or any other type of game that the human imagination can conceive.

The advantage of augmented reality games is that they allow consumers to be much more engaged with the brand that offers them. This engagement is encouraged by the user’s interaction with their smartphone camera.

Packaging in augmented reality

In order to mark the minds of your customers and stand out from the competition, you can also transform the discovery and the opening of your packaging in a pleasant moment to spend. Thanks to augmented reality and the 2D or 3D animations that your packaging will integrate, consumers will indeed be able to live a beautiful experience of augmented reality (AR).

Augmented reality at the service of the Internet user: web integration

Thanks to augmented reality, the consumer can himself put a product in a situation. This is, among other things, what web integration allows. This is a solution that can be useful in many areas.

The trade sector

If you are a trader, augmented reality can be useful to you, as it will allow your buyers to view your products from all angles. For this, you will need a 3D configurator which must be integrated into your website.

If you specialize in selling a particular accessory, integrating a 3D configurator into your website will allow consumers to take a closer look at your products. They will be able to return the item you are selling and observe it from every angle. All this without leaving the comfort of their accommodation. In some cases, they will be given the opportunity to change the color, the material or the size of the accessory in order to ensure that it really corresponds to their needs and to encourage them, in fine, to pass to the act of purchase.

In addition, you will somewhat unload your after sales service by offering this device on your online sales site. It can help you reduce the use of user manuals and user manuals for your products, making them easier to understand and use.

The cosmetics sector

There are several uses for such a tool. The 3D configurator will be particularly useful if you are specialized in the field of cosmetics. Indeed, thanks to this tool, your customers can more easily “test” the makeup products that you sell without having to travel and virtually. Likewise, augmented reality can be adapted to the field of decoration. It is a technology that makes it possible to position furniture in a room in the home, in order to help consumers make up their minds before purchasing.

The tourism sector

The tourism sector is also not left out when it comes to augmented reality. It improves the customer experience of visitors, in particular by allowing them to become the actors of their visit. In other words, you can now thanks to this technology, and from a smartphone, a tablet or a computer, offer Internet users a guided tour of your establishment (museums, castles, monuments, but also catering establishments and hotels).

Video conferences boosted by augmented reality

Augmented reality is also invited today in meetings between employees or partners. You can integrate it into your videoconferences for a better communication, both externally and internally. If you integrate this technology into your videoconferences, you will certainly find that your customers and employees will be much more interested in it.

Note that this is a technology that can be applied on most videoconferencing platforms. Among the most popular, you will find Zoom, Hangouts, Skype or Teams.

The advantage of integrating filters into your videoconferences through augmented reality is that it helps you stands out from the competition. By offering your sales representatives immersive sales support, you are in effect giving them a head start.

In addition, your online streaming broadcasts can be boosted using augmented reality. All you need to do is add a few fanciful elements during your lives, in order to give your consumers an original and fun immersive experience.

By choosing to do so, you will offer your visitors unique content which will definitely help you stand out from the competition. It will also make it easier for them to recognize you on the web. Let’s also add that augmented reality applied to online streaming can increase your loyalty rate.

The importance of augmented reality in the entrepreneurial world is well established. With the many solutions offered by this technology, entrepreneurs are strongly recommended to use it to stand out from the competition and mark the minds of their customers.

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