3 things to do to optimize your time when you are unemployed?

Unemployment, whether chosen or suffered, remains a upheaval. You can quickly feel lost and remain inactive. However, it is a period that allows you to take stock, update everything you did not have time to do, find another job, take online training, etc. Here are some tips to keep you busy during your nonworking period.

Take stock of what you want to do

After you quit or lose your job, now is the time to take stock. Following a dismissal, one can be angry, sad and go through the various stages of mourning, because, whatever the case, unemployment remains a loss. Once you accept the situation, it’s a good time to ask yourself the right questions and identify your future professional project. If you want to stay in the same field of activity, try to target companies that could accommodate you, according to your needs: company size, objectives, positions and missions, etc.

To better focus your research, prioritize your needs and desires. You also have the opportunity to take a skills assessment if you feel the need. The main thing to stay active is to keep a healthy pace. It is not necessarily necessary to set the alarm clock at 6 a.m., but you can get up around 8 a.m. so as not to accumulate fatigue and maintain a good quality of sleep.

Take online courses to maximize your chances of hiring

Depending on your professional project, you can find new occupations through online courses. Indeed, if you stay in the same industry, you can aim for a higher position and train yourself, or learn new techniques. Otherwise, if your goal is to change careers, develop your skills through the web. To train yourself in SEO or photography, or even in accounting, do not hesitate to consult your CFP account to see how many hours of training you have accumulated (you can be financed up to 150 hours of training) .

Finally, consider online self-study. You will find many MMOC (Massive Online Open Courses) platforms that offer free courses. These sites are very serious and after completing certain lessons you can get a certificate of completion or even follow-up to prove that you have acquired certain skills.

A period of inactivity does not mean you have to be inactive

Just because you’re unemployed doesn’t mean you have to be inactive. You benefit from precious time which allows you to discover new things, to invest in various projects. For example, you can start your blog, think of ideas for self-employment, become a volunteer in an association, develop your capacities, acquire new knowledge, etc.

Also, consider developing your network on Linkedin, for example. Ask professionals questions to confirm your choices or to question yourself. Finally, learn about current events, especially the development of professional events such as trade shows or webinars which are more topical in view of current circumstances.

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