3 Things to Know About Amazon Alexa and Our Top Connected Products

The giant Amazon has set itself the goal of making life easier for millions of people around the world. It is from this perspective that technology was born Alexa. Many of its features remain little known to the general public. So find out the basics about this smart personal assistant offered by Amazon.

Make your life easier with Alexa

The Alexa personal assistant intervenes in your daily life in different ways. It provides information detailed to each question you ask, including weather and traffic.

Likewise, you will have relevant answers to your questions about the story. Alexa can, for example, inform you about the day on which a historic event such as the signing of the Treaty of Paris took place.

In addition, various instructions can be given to Alexa, such as closing the shutters or adjusting the temperature in a room. To do this, the intelligent assistant interacts with various connected objects on which it is configured.

Many products can be connected with

The personal assistant was originally developed to connect to Amazon Echo speakers. However, you can connect multiple devices to Alexa, as long as you know which ones are compatible. The Xbox one for example can be linked by Alexa from Amazon.

The assistant is also connectable to Amazon Echo Spot and Amazon Echo Dot. These are miniature versions of the Echo speaker, developed by the American giant. Today, it is also possible to voice control nearly 4,000 connected objects, through the speakers connected to Alexa.

Alexa continues to innovate and becomes a real assistant

Alexa made its entry into France two years ago, and Amazon has gone all out to offer the best technology to the French. Indeed, the personal assistant manages to understand all the regional accents, in particular that of the north.

However, the French language is quite difficult to master because of the many connections that must be pronounced. Likewise, Alexa learned to respond to certain jokes specific to the French culture. However, these are additions made to the program by a French team.

Our 3 favorite products compatible with Alexa

Among the devices compatible with Alexa, here is a presentation of the three that seduced us. There are many possibilities to integrate home automation with these different devices, from the giant Google.

Netro Smart Controller Sprinkler

This smart sprinkler controller is only available in white color. Accessible remotely with iOS 8 and Android 5, it adjusts the times when your plants will be watered. To do this, it takes the weather into account and easily connects to wifi.

Alexa Wifi Essential Oils Diffuser, Maxcio

This Maxcio brand device is actually a voice-controlled smart diffuser. It has LED light adjustable in several colors, and a timer to define the hours of diffusion of essential oils. Two mist modes are programmed on this device.

Echo Show 8

The Echo Show 8 is a smart speaker with a 1280 x 800 screen, a 1 megapixel camera. It is connectable via Wifi and Bluetooth and has 4 microphones allowing it to receive your instructions.

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