3 things to know about the Google Nest brand and their top 3 products

Leader in its field since 1997, the internet giant Google has over the years acquired several companies. Most of these are American and this has allowed Google to expand its search engine and offer more products to its users. NEST LABS is one of these many products. What should I know about the Google Nest brand?

Nest is a subsidiary of Google

Acquired in 2014 for a total of $ 3.2 billion, Nest was initially a laboratory specializing in home automation which manufactures self-learning thermostats, smoke detectors and fire alarms.

It was not really until 2018 that Nest became a subsidiary of Google to compete with Alexa, the virtual assistant created by Amazon. Today, Google Nest offers a wide variety of products to help make your home a smart home.

Nest offers connected cameras and thermostat

Make your home a connected home thanks to Google Nest cameras and thermostats. The subsidiary provides you with products that you can control using the Google home application or on connected Google screens. To involve your loved ones, you just have to invite them to leave home on the application.

Having a Google Nest product is a first step in home automation

Google Nest offers several products that make it easier to control your home and allow it to take better care of you. These include streaming devices, cameras, thermostats, a voice-activated speaker as well as a doorbell with integrated camera. Every Nest product you buy takes you one step closer to ideal home automation.

Top 3 of our recommendations for the best Nest products

Among the diverse range of products offered by Nest here are the three best.

2nd Generation Nest Protect, smoke detector and carbon monoxide

It is composed of a set of 06 batteries, a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, a user manual, four screws and a support. This article sends a voice message directly to your mobile in the event of a problem at home.

He analyzes, speaks and alerts. There you signals the problem and detects its origin. It is equipped with a 120 ° and 60 m presence sensor and can be configured for connectivity.

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Nest’s outdoor camera lets you stream your videos live 24/7. You have a 130 ° view and your images are in HD 1080P day and night. It alerts you when something is happening in your home while you are away, allows you to see who is approaching your home, and to talk to that person.

Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation

This jewel allows you to control your heating remotely from your smartphone or directly on the thermostat. You can improve your comfort with intelligent programming, save energy and in addition its design is simple and elegant. You can use this equipment to control your home wherever you are.

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