4 improvements to make in your home to make it DIY trend

When we spend a lot of time at home, we appreciate a little novelty. In particular, giving the interior and / or exterior a little boost is always appreciable. On the one hand, this activity occupies you during your free time. So you don’t get bored and make yourself useful. And it’s ideal to have a feeling of accomplishment afterwards! This is what explains the great success of DIYs in recent years – at least, in part. On the other hand, a home can always be improved. Energy performance, functionality, everyday comfort or simple aesthetic improvement. Everything is possible.

For these reasons, during confinement or even during vacations, you can take advantage of a few weeks at home to do some work. And since the idea is not to use a service provider, but rather to do them yourself, you have to choose them well. In this article, we offer you 4 easy and quick home improvement ideas to do yourself:

1. Attach shelves

One of the priority improvements often concerns storage. Many people are running out of space at home, especially storage space. To remedy this, one of the first tips to apply is to exploit the heights. In other words, we recommend that you install several shelves on your walls, so that you can store things there. Besides their practicality, shelves can even bring an aesthetic advantage to a room.

For example, attach simple shelves arranged in a staircase on a wall in your office. Then put matching boxes in it. In your living room, attach a stylish shelving unit right above the door – this space is underused in most homes! And in your child’s room, opt for shelves with a cooler design. For more fun, hang some decorations or a small light garland.

2. Put up blinds

Then you can focus on your windows. At this level, it is always possible to consider improvements that will make your daily life more comfortable. Easy and quick to install, the installation of blinds will meet this criterion. For each room with windows, identify the shade model that will best suit your needs. Consider the type of blind as well as its material, direction of opening and color. There is a wide variety, for all uses and all tastes.

For example, a day night roller blind is very versatile and really practical. It is suitable in most rooms, as well as living room, office or bedroom. Thanks to its alternation of opaque and transparent bands, it allows you to precisely adjust the daylight. In addition, by opting for a day night roller blind without drilling, installation is even simpler and non-invasive. You don’t need any tools to drill the wall, you just need to stick the device on the window pillar using its adhesive strip.

3. Renovate your furniture

Are you looking for an even more DIY improvement? Renovate your furniture! Whether you are just bored with the style of your furniture or some furniture is really worn out, there is no need to buy new ones. Renovating them yourself will offer you great savings, while giving you occupation for several days. In addition, it will allow you to customize each piece of furniture as you wish. And at the end: what pride!

Here are some ideas for renovating furniture that require little material. First, you can remove or replace parts of the furniture in order to transform it. For example, remove the headboard to make a new one. Remove the doors from your dresser to get a vintage shelf. Or replace the old doors in your cabinet with a nice thick curtain.

Then, if you want to revive the color of your furniture or completely change its style, here are 2 options:

  • Thoroughly clean the surface with the product suitable for the material. If necessary, sand the surface with sandpaper and apply an undercoat treatment. Then paint with the appropriate paint. Let dry and finish with varnish (mat, gloss, satin, etc.) to protect the color.
  • Wood stain. Clean and sand your wooden furniture, then apply special wood stain to its surface. This option is perfect for obtaining a natural shade, which retains all the patterns of the wood.

In addition, consider changing a few details that will make all the difference. For example, replace handles and hinges. Or add a little decorative touch with paint, pieces of wood, rhinestones or glitter. Unleash your creativity!

4. Make a space for your pet

Finally, improving your home can also be about your pet. Currently, you certainly have several things belonging to him. But do they have a reserved space or are they distributed throughout your accommodation? Whether you have a dog or a cat, how about making a little corner just for him?

Like humans, a domestic animal likes to have its dedicated space. As much as he appreciates your company, he also needs the ability to isolate himself whenever he wants. So choose a corner in a room and install all your things there: rugs, toys, bowls, cat tree … Add a special floor covering, which will delimit the space and protect your floor at the same time.

With these do-it-yourself improvement ideas, you won’t be bored while in lockdown – or even after!

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