4 Indispensable in the Outfit of a Cook, to Ensure his Safety

During his work, the cook is exposed to fire on a daily basis, which is not without risk. To reduce work accidents related to its proximity to heated fireplaces and utensils, the clothes worn must provide a good level of protection and must be appropriate. Here are the 4 essentials in the outfit of a cook for his safety.

A flame-resistant kitchen jacket and pants

The cook’s dress is commonly a jacket and kitchen pants. This distinctive tunic of this trade must be flame resistant for safety reasons. Indeed, during maneuvers around the stove, an overly hot fire can trivially and unexpectedly ignite the clothes.

Whether at the sleeve or throat, the burnt jacket can inflict bodily harm on you. Hence the need to wear a non-flammable jacket. To avoid prolonged burns on the lower body, fireproof pants are strongly recommended. To find your work clothes, therefore, take time and make sure of their quality.

Safety shoes in case of falls on the foot

When you are in the kitchen, the pressure can quickly build when the room is crowded with customers or when you have the visit of personalities. Safety shoes can be of great help in the event of a misstep, as no one is immune to this stress.

In doing so, mistakes can be made in haste like dropping hot pots filled with broth on your feet. To avoid fractures, blisters and a hospital stay, it would be ideal to wear reinforced shoes.

A chef’s hat for unparalleled hygiene

Pizzaiolo, chef holding pizza in hand

When it comes to culinary hygiene, every good professional cook should have a chef’s hat. It allows to confine the hair to prevent any loss of wick in the preparations. Your image depends on it if a customer were to find a hair on their plate.

To keep your worktable healthy while cooking, always be sure to wear the cook’s hat. It must nevertheless allow ventilation, and not cause you discomfort, because once on your head, you will rarely touch it.

For more security and protection

In addition, the traditional apron is still relevant today. It is a protective accessory that many cooks find it difficult to abandon. It allows the professional cook’s tunic to be preserved over time by serving as a bulwark against jets of oil, sauce, etc. You will find in the offers models with or without bib and more and more waterproof.

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