4 methods to transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android

Are you looking for a way to transfer your contacts that were on an iPhone to a brand new Android smartphone, you are in a headache because you would like to find your contacts quickly, we can tell you that there are several solutions possible to perform this operation.

Use an app to complete the transfer

You can download an application like iDrive Online which is free in all cases and the process is more or less the same with other application and contact transfer software.

Here is the method to follow with iDrive Online

  • Download the iDrive app on your iPhone. Once the download is complete, install it.
  • Register an account by entering an email address and a password.
  • Click on the Cloud BackUp option.
  • Select “Contacts” or other files if you want, photos, etc. Then validate “Backup Now”.
  • Then remove the SIM card from your iPhone and put it back in your Android device.
  • Go to Play Store and download iDrive.
  • Install iDrive and open it. Fill in your identifiers again and finally validate the “Access and restore” function. On the next page appears your iPhone device and the backup.
  • Select it, all you have to do is recover your contacts.

As an alternative you can use an Android and iOS data management tool like Anytrans.

Transfer your iPhone contacts to Android with Google Drive

A very easy way to transfer your contacts is to use a Google service, Google Drive. For this solution and the following ones, it is necessary to have a Google account which will be of great use to you with your new Android phone.

  • If you have Google Drive, otherwise you can download it to your iPhone.
  • When you are connected, go to “Menu” and “Settings” then “Save”.
  • Make a selection of data for backup, another possibility is to keep all, and then “Start backup”.
  • From your Android come to your Google account in which you made the backup.
  • And there you have it, your contacts are on your Android smartphone.

Use Itunes to perform the contact transfer

For manipulation using Itunes, your iPhone is synchronized with the application, then you need:

  • On a computer, install and go to Itunes
  • Use a transfer cable to connect your iPhone.
  • Open “the summary page” on your mobile.
  • Enter “Information”.
  • Check “Synchronize contacts with”.
  • Then select “Google Contacts”
  • Enter your Google account and password.
  • And finally “Apply” to synchronize your iPhone with your Google account.
  • The last step is to register your Google account on your new smartphone.
  • You will need to check the “Contacts” box in “Synchronization” and you can find your contacts.

Use iCloud and Gmail to recover your contacts

  • Enter your Apple IDs by going to the site: iCloud.com. Enter the “Contacts” section.
  • In the parameters, validate the selection of all contacts and also after “Export a vCard”.
  • After logging in to Gmail, select “Contacts”.
  • Open the “More” menu then click “import”.
  • Select the vCard file that was sent and proceed with the import.
  • The synchronization is done and you will be able to consult your contacts in Gmail and on Android.

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