4 Steps for Good Recovery, Thanks to the Massage Gun

For optimal recovery after a good workout, there is nothing more convenient than a self-massage with a massaging gun. But you still need to know how to proceed methodically in order to stimulate your limbs in the right place with the right tip. To simplify your task, here are some steps to follow to enjoy a good sports recovery with your massage gun.

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Step 1 – Start at the upper body, with the Ball tip

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A methodical process for effective recovery requires starting your massage from the upper body, preferably with the Ball tip of your massage gun. Ideal for large muscle areas, the Ball tip is distinguished by its spherical shape reminiscent of a round ball.

Note that the upper body is the part that can be summed up to your neck, trunk, arms and back. The area is home to a large group of muscles including the trapezius, deltoids, pectorals, backbones, biceps, and forearms. It is essential to follow these different steps in order not to misuse the massage gun.

Stimulation of this group of muscles with your pistol equipped with its Ball tip will help you effectively relieve the tensions, pains and contractures accumulated in this part of your body.

Step 2 – Then move on the abdominals at minimum speed with the Flat Head tip

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Stimulating the abdomen is the second step in your recovery massage. For optimal effectiveness, massaging this area should preferably be done using the Flat Head tip to release tensions and emotional blockages. The tip is distinguished by its flat head and is particularly effective on large muscles such as the abdominals.

The abdominal muscles used here are mainly the rectus abdominis, as well as the external and internal obliques, the stimulation of which should ideally be done on a low speed setting of your massage gun.

Step 3 – Then go down on the thighs with the Fork tip to aim deep

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On the lower part of the body, the thighs are made up of 2 of the largest muscles in the body: the quadriceps on the front part and the hamstrings located at the back. The fork or fork head tip will be preferred on this group of muscles because of its ability to offer a deep massage. All brands such as Theragun or Hypervolt offer this tip in their starter set.

Step 4 – Finish on the calves with the Bullet tip

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Finally, you can end your massage session with the calves which are usually the target of pain after a good exercise session. More effective action at this level will be provided by the Bullet tip. With a cylindrical shape rounded at the tip, this massage head allows precise targeting of the calf muscles.

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