4 tips for maintaining your garden

Having a beautiful garden in their home is the goal of many people. But to get there, you need a minimum of maintenance. Taking care of your garden often requires patience and time.

Thus, by agreeing to make an effort, you will be able to enjoy a green space that brings aesthetics and charm to your living environment. In this article, discover some useful tips that will help you maintain your garden well.

Prepare the land well

Before sowing or planting, it is important to prepare the land. You have to start by loosening the soil while avoiding turning it over. Then use the right tools to aerate the soil without damaging it, and remove the large stones.

You can also fertilize as needed by adding basic fertilizer or additional fertilizer depending on the composition of your soil.

Choosing the garden plants

After arranging the space, it is important to choose your plants carefully to have an aesthetic result that meets your expectations. You need to select plants that will acclimatize to your garden and thrive in the environment you offer them.

Opting for those that keep their foliage all year round allows you to have a beautiful garden whatever the season. It is therefore an ideal solution to start your garden. On the basis of the specificities of each plant (climbing or not, the color of the foliage, the size of the growth, etc.), you will be able to make your combinations and obtain pretty well bushy groves whose leaves will not fall with the seasons. .

Controlling watering

In general, plants prefer rainwater to tap water, because of its ambient temperature and because it contains very little lime.

In addition, you will save drinking water, because the maintenance of a garden or vegetable patch consumes a large amount of water. To do this, you just need to install a rainwater collector and connect a surface water pump to it, to water your garden.

In addition, each plant has its specific water needs. By looking at the structure of the leaves, you will be able to tell whether a large amount or little water is needed. When the leaves are small, prickly, or fleshy, the plant needs little water.

Large leaves, on the other hand, generally require a lot of water, as do plants that have just been planted. Also, installing a sprinkler system in addition to the water pump will make watering easier and more efficient.

Weed regularly

Regular weeding keeps your garden from being overgrown with weeds. Their roots will not have time to sink deep and you will therefore avoid painful maintenance. There are several ways to do effective weed control.

Removing weeds by hand, for example, is certainly tedious work, but it is very precise. Another solution is to use the pasta cooking water. To do this, pour water over the weeds while it is still hot. The deep roots will be destroyed.

Finally, mulching the soil is a great way to nourish your soil and keep weeds from growing.

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