4 tips for renovating your facade!

Want to spruce up your home? Why not renovate its facade? Take advantage of the beautiful summer days to undertake improvement work. Whether for functional and / or aesthetic purposes, summer is the best time to do it! If you are looking for inspiration, discover these 4 tips for renovating your facade:

Find out about municipal regulations

First and foremost, when considering a facade renovation, you need to make sure it is administratively feasible. Indeed, if your work may change the exterior visual appearance of the building, restrictions are likely to apply. In particular, you must respect the PLU (Plan Local d’Urbanisme) of your municipality.

And in all cases, you need an authorization from the town hall to have the right to start the work. Likewise, if the renovation involves the installation of scaffolding, you must also obtain a permit before starting.

Install new shutters

As part of your facade renovations, you could add new equipment that is more functional, modern and aesthetic. We think, among other things, of your shutters. What type do you have in your home? How old are they? Do they offer you enough comfort? Are you satisfied with their insulating performance?

If your answers are not favorable, we advise you to install new shutters, preferably roller shutters. They are the most airtight and waterproof models, which also provide more security and provide deeper darkness when closed. If your facade is not yet equipped, it is likely that you will have to opt for roller shutters in renovation. Their reel is integrated in a box that just needs to be fixed on the front. You will find PVC or aluminum models on a site such as: www.domondo.fr/volets-roulants/volets-roulants-renovation.

4 tips for renovating your facade!

Renovate your facade cladding

The easiest way to give your home a facelift is to redo the exterior cladding of its facades. For this, multiple options are possible.

The first is to refresh the existing coating, without making a big change. Take the opportunity to make the necessary repairs and to apply a protective treatment that will increase the life of the facades.

Then you can keep the same type of coating, but switch to a completely different color. For example, repaint your white house in a beautiful sky blue or a warm ocher. In addition, also think about changing the color of your shutters, in order to obtain a more harmonious whole. But be careful, make sure that this design is compatible with the PLU of your municipality!

Finally, it is outright possible to radically change the exterior coating. By playing with textures and materials, you will then get a really different look. For example, coat the facade with plaster, install wood or metal siding or fix tiles / slates vertically. Here again, you can also adapt the painting of your shutters and window frames to match everything.

Replace your front door

Finally, what if you change your front door? It’s a quick, easy, and potentially affordable way to improve the facade of your home.

If you live on a street with uniform buildings, try to match your door to those of your neighbors. There are even modern doors with a traditional appearance. Conversely, if you are looking for a contemporary model, you will also find what you are looking for!

Regarding colors, here are some suggestions:

  • Symbols of calm, prosperity and spirituality, blue, lilac and purple are especially welcoming to visitors.
  • Black and gray are good choices for a modern, chic and understated look. These colors are also associated with anonymity.
  • A brown wooden door is a great classic, which will blend in effectively with the decor.
  • Avoid extravagant colors like pink, yellow, orange, and green.

Which of these renovations do you like the most for your facade?

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