4 Tips to Make Nails Longer!

Do you want to have beautiful, harder and longer nails? It’s possible ! But above all, you should know that it’s all about the care you give to your nails. To make your nails longer, discover these 4 easy and effective tips that we offer you.

Choose light and bright colors

One of the most convenient care that ladies give to their nails is varnishing. Thanks to its gelled formula, the varnish provides a protective and aesthetic layer to your nails while stimulating their natural growth.

For your polish it is always a good idea to choose light and bright colors and will do (better) justice to the beauty of your fingers. Go for colors like light blue, pink, coral white, or turquoise.

However, note that the color of your nail polish must match the color of your skin: for very white skin, the liveliness of your nail polish should be softened a little.

Remove all cuticles

Many women use this method to lengthen their nails. Cuticles are actually those little bits of white skin that appear deep in your nails. Removing them is quite easy, and it will allow you to quickly and successfully complete your manicure.

There are suitable products on the market for softening the cuticles. Buy yourself one or soak your fingers in lukewarm water containing a few drops of essential oils. Then use nail tweezers or a stick to scrape the cuticles.

Do not put varnish on the edges of the nail

Applying light pink varnish

This is a mistake you should not make while applying nail polish, especially when you want longer nails. Varnish is a gel-textured solution that hardens and sticks very quickly. Covering the edges of the nails with varnish will therefore prevent them from growing naturally.

So when painting your nails, be sure to protect the front edges. You can either block with a nail file or carefully apply petroleum jelly to the edges so that the varnish does not dry out. And once you’re done, you can wipe down the edges.

Go for a French manicure

It is a technique invented in the United States around 1930 and inspired by the chic and natural style recognized from the Americans to the French. It consists of varnishing the nails with their original color. We start at the bottom with nude rosé and go up towards the end with white edging.

Carried out in a salon or yourself at home with its adapted kit, the French manicure is done on all types of nails and can have several forms.

If you have short, brittle nails, make your French manicure round. For medium-length nails, the French manicure will be rather oval. As for fingers with long nails, a square French manicure is quite neat.

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