4 Underwear Your Man Should Have In His Drawers

Just like socks, men’s underwear should be comfortable, durable and stylish. It’s no surprise that men are quite picky about their underwear, and many have strong opinions on which style and brand is best for them.

Here we’re not trying to solve the big debate between underpants and boxers, but instead will introduce you to some of the best underwear brands that will suit active and demanding men, across all categories. Click here to access a large catalog of men’s underwear.

Calvin Klein black boxer shorts

Calvin Klein boxer briefs in black cotton strech with elastic and embroidered waistband

Calvin Klein black boxer briefs with embroidered belt with the logo – 26.90 €

Many men love the versatile underwear styles offered by Calvin Klein. The famous brand offers slim boxers, stretch boxers, trendy boxers or even low waist boxers. You will find the brand’s underwear sold individually or most of the time as a duo or trio.

Men’s boxer briefs are available in a wide variety of colors including red, blue, green, beige, orange, and white. Do you prefer patterns? The brand offers a large selection of boxers and boxers with multiple patterns such as stripes and checks. Fans of the Calvin Klein brand will be delighted to be able to match their underwear with a tank top or a T-shirt logoed with the brand.

Navy blue Eminence boxer shorts with patterns

Eminence boxer brief in navy blue stretch cotton with white and red bowling patterns

Boxer brief Eminence with elastic waistband – € 22.90

Eminence is an essential brand of underpants and boxers! It is a French brand founded in Nîmes. Thanks to his unique know-how, originality and creativity, Eminence imposed his style and initiated enormous changes in the design and style of men’s underwear.

The Eminence brand also today owns the well-known brand of men’s underwear: Athena. The latter is renowned for its legendary line of comfortable sports underwear. Beyond men’s lingerie, the Eminence brand offers collections of men’s sleepwear such as bathrobes and pajamas. You will also find swimsuits and T-shirts.

HUGO BOSS pair of blue boxers

Pack of 2 Hugo Boss Men's long boxers in turquoise and navy blue stretch cotton with flower pattern

Pack of 2 Hugo Boss long boxers in Cotton (95%) and elastane (5%) – € 41.95

HUGO BOSS men’s underwear is one of the items in the men’s wardrobe that is worth investing in. Mostly made from pure cotton, the brand’s underwear is designed to be comfortable enough to be worn all day.

The boxers provide plenty of space, while the stretchy briefs keep everything secure. Boxer shorts with a logo waist band can enhance your outfit when wearing low rise pants. The HUGO BOSS brand also offers many multipacks, a perfect idea for giving gifts.


Emporio Armani brief in white stretch cotton with belt stamped with the brand

Armani EMPORIO men’s white briefs with logo on the waistband – € 28.90

Emporio Armani is a high-end luxury fashion clothing brand. Emporio Armani men’s underwear is the epitome of sophistication. For men who love high-end basic underwear, they will find their happiness in briefs, boxers, boxers and even thongs. Emporio Armani is the only line by Giorgio Armani that is primarily designed by Armani himself, and it is presented annually at Milan Fashion Week.

All Emporio Armani men’s underwear is made of soft, high quality fabrics such as stretch cotton, microfiber, pima cotton and stretch modal. Emporio Armani’s eagle logo symbolizes the brand’s superior quality and attention to detail. Emporio Armani underwear has been worn and featured by international icons such as David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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