5 direct marketing techniques

With the advent of the Internet and digital tools, there are many marketing solutions, but direct marketing is still in a good position. There are unstoppable direct marketing techniques that are always very effective, because they are very popular with customers for contact and personalization of the message.


Simple, fast and free, it has become a very popular means of communication for brands to deploy information about their brand and their promotional offers. By adding calls To action inside, it is possible to analyze, for example, the open rates, but also the click rates. You still have to make sure that your email does not end up in spam, so you need a clear, personalized message that encourages the person to keep them.


Part of the most popular technique of direct marketing, sending SMS has become very useful and practiced by brands. All they need is a good database, complete and send mass SMS, while being able to personalize them. You could receive more personal ones for your birthday, for example, with a promotional offer inside. It is a very effective strategy, because the SMS is read in the majority of the cases, however it is necessary to take care of the rate of unsubscription of this means of communication.

Phone calls

Used for many years, it is mainly used by companies which cannot easily communicate their offers by e-mailing or SMS. They are generally artisans, promoters, who need to be in direct contact with the person. It is a tool widely used by internet providers and mobile operators. It’s effective to have someone on the phone, but not necessarily appreciated because it is too intrusive.

Mailbox distribution

But, what is all the more effective about the flyer is to drop it directly in the mailbox and have it personalized. This shows the interest that the company has in its customers, for example you can send a promotional code and you will be able to see if the person is using it. With this type of elements you can analyze the read rate of your mailings.


Door-to-door sales have been around for many years, sales representatives are sent to talk about the brand, a product, as well as the current offer. The goal is to get in direct contact, to show why they should buy your products. It is a technique that can be appreciated, but which can also be poorly received, depending on the people targeted.

Go through an agency for the realization of its direct marketing

A marketing strategy is not always easy to put in place and you do not necessarily have all the necessary tools in a business, such as a complete database. The best is to go through a direct marketing agency, in fact this makes the task easier and saves you time.

Depending on your products or services, they will offer you the best direct marketing technique. An agency provides you with a team of salespeople if necessary, to go door-to-door, they create all of your communications and provide you with daily follow-up. We must not forget that the objective of direct marketing is to conquer, as well as to retain loyalty, it is therefore a long-term strategy that it is important to master.

Explanation of direct marketing in video

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