5 free compliant POS software to get you started

Good POS software makes it easy for you to make sales, track sales, and improve your ability to attract more customers, depending on your particular needs. There is some cashier software out there, but you will still need to purchase the hardware, whether it’s a full register / scanner / printer combination, or a simple desktop or tablet.

Hiboutik, the free cash register software for everyone

Hiboutik is a free online cash register software for all merchants, to record your sales, print receipts, monitor your customer database, manage your inventory through an easy-to-use interface.

You can log into your Hiboutik account from any device connected to the Internet. This software allows you to accept web orders, coming from Woocommerce, Prestashop, but also Shopify.

Cash register, free software, suitable for cash registers

Cash register, is a free cash register software also available on the Internet, but you can also find it on all mobiles, computers and tablets. Note that it is in accordance with the 2018 finance law.

Its use is easy, it allows you to manage your stocks, your cash and an unlimited number of items, in addition, you will have access to statistics and sales charts. It is a very practical software which can be connected to a means of payment, but also to a balance, a scanner for example.

IziCaisse, the tactile cash register

It is a certified cash register software that works free on PC, tablet and smartphone, it allows you to manage the various payments you receive, print invoices and receipts, manage discounts, etc.

With this software, you also have the possibility of managing and generating gift vouchers, discounts as well as reading loyalty cards. You will be able to follow your turnover, your VAT is calculated automatically, real reports allowing you to manage your business as it should.

ShopCaisse, the cash register for Apple tools

It is a software created mainly for the iPads, they agree with all types of businesses, the ShopCaisse cash register software offers a free NF525 certified version in which you can access the management of your sales.

A very responsive and available after-sales service, you can make a good daily and monthly follow-up. The advantage of this software is that if you have several businesses, you can connect them to the same software.

RoverCash, ease of use

As cash register software, Rovercash was well thought out, in the sense that it was designed for everyone. Indeed, it is available in a free version and is really very easy to use. It is a touchscreen tablet and smartphone software for Android devices, as well as iPads.

It has several very interesting functions in addition to the collection, such as catalog management, loyalty, but also the monitoring of your activity. To your support, you can add a cash register, a hand shower, a receipt printer, as well as a TPE and a digital display.

What is the NF525 certification?

All the software presented above have the NF525 certification, it is certified cash register software, which is simply a document certifying the conformity of management accounting software or cash register. These different software must comply with Article 88 of the so-called “anti-VAT fraud” law and comply with the finance law, as well as compliance with the RGPD.

Anyone using cash register software and collecting VAT is concerned. Usually, the certification document is provided directly by the publisher of the software you have chosen to install.

For the software publisher to obtain it, it must, for its part, meet several conditions, which are as follows:

  • Compliance with the ISO 9001 standard
  • Compliance with ISO / IEC 2505
  • Compliance with legal obligations, available in article 88 of the finance law of December 29, 2015.
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