5 Great Legal Careers for Non-Lawyers

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When most people consider a career in the legal field, they think of lawyers. However, there are a number of lucrative and satisfying legal career opportunities that do not require costly and time-consuming training. The legal market is booming. New regulations, economic growth, technological advancements and increasing workload have fueled the demand for a growing number of talented lawyers. Here is a look at 5 rewarding legal career opportunities.

Nurse Legal Advisor

Nurses looking to expand their career opportunities beyond traditional clinical roles can apply their expertise to the growing and lucrative field of legal nurse consultation. Legal nursing consulting is one of the top five most in-demand careers today. Nurse lawyers advise lawyers on legal questions related to the medical order and earn up to € 150 per hour.

Legal assistant

Paralegals (also known as paralegals) are among the fastest growing professions in today’s economy as overworked lawyers delegate an increasingly wide range of tasks. In the paralegal field, the opportunities multiply as clients seek to reduce the cost of legal services. The remuneration of paralegals is also increasing, as paralegals take on greater responsibilities, take on greater managerial roles and operate with greater professional autonomy. A legal assistant can earn up to € 1,800 net per month.

Legal mediator

With court costs skyrocketing, more individuals and companies are turning to mediators (also known as arbitrators or conciliators) to settle their disputes outside of court. As the field of alternative dispute resolution grows, the number and popularity of mediators increases. A mediator can earn up to € 2,100 net per month.

Judicial secretary

The increased demand for legal services has created opportunities for legal secretaries (also known as administrative assistants) in law firms and corporate legal departments across the country. Advances in law firm technology and organizational restructuring have allowed legal secretaries to take on greater responsibilities. A legal secretary can earn up to € 1,800 net per month.

Court reporter

Stenographers, also known as stenographers, record testimony, speeches, statements, and court proceedings to create a written transcription of the spoken word. Using special stenographic equipment, court reporters transcribe at rates in excess of 200 words per minute. Court reporters also provide captioning and real-time reporting for webcasts. Fewer and fewer people are entering the profession, creating a shortage of court reporters and increasing wages. Some stenographers earn more up to € 3,570 net per month.

So there are several jobs, for those who want to practice law and who do not want to become a lawyer. Studying law does not necessarily mean breaking into a legal career, there are many possibilities and choices of professions in the field of law.

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