5 ideas for revamping a kitchen on a low budget

Does your kitchen seem too rustic? It is time to renovate it so that it gains in beauty and youth. Paint, kitchen furniture, tiles, splashback, here is an overview of all the simple tips to rejuvenate it from floor to ceiling.

You don’t necessarily need to break the bank to refresh your decoration. If you go for practical and economical solutions, everything should go smoothly.

Old kitchen to renovate
Old kitchen to renovate

Repaint your furniture in the color of your choice

Your furniture is old or you don’t like it anymore. It would be better to repaint them. This tip may seem trivial, but it is practical, simple, quick and allows you to redo your kitchen without changing it.

To do this, you can opt for a color of your choice. Today there is a wide range of paints that can be applied to furniture without it being sanded. With a beautiful neutral color for example, your furniture will be newer and your kitchen will take more value.

Add stickers to your tiles to change your look

Stickers on the tiles of his kitchen, here is an economical solution to implement. These stickers are available in many colors and with various patterns you can find amazing stickers on Tenstickers for example.

Apart from these, modern tile stickers are also great options for a kitchen makeover on a budget. They arise directly and quickly. They bring a new decor to the kitchen.

Kitchen with stickers
Kitchen decorated with stickers

Modify the handles to give another style

To give your kitchen a makeover, you need to pay attention to all the details. Because of this, changing the knobs as well as the handles on the door, drawers and cupboards can give a totally different look.

This idea is economical and helps you bring something new to your kitchen with minimal changes. Use handles cut in beautiful designs in trendy hues.

An airy kitchen with fewer cupboards and more shelves

For more savings and personality, remove the cupboards and replace them with shelves. For this, opt for open shelves to dress your walls. This trick allows you to energize your kitchen so that it gains in functionality.

In order to give it a more airy and youthful appearance, you can replace the doors of your closets. In this case, opt for a contrasting material of good quality. Your kitchen will be more welcoming.

Nice airy kitchen
Nice airy kitchen

Install an adhesive splashback

Since the kitchen is considered a centerpiece of the house, it is important that it be beautified. To do this, put adhesive backing on it. The installation does not require much work from you. It is up to you to degrease well before installation, so that it is well maintained. If you succeed in an installation without visible glue, it will bring more modernity to your kitchen.

Before you start renovating your kitchen, don’t forget to declutter it. Apart from these few tips do not hesitate to change the color of your walls for more freshness.

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