5 jewels that will never go out of fashion after all the years!

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There are must-have jewelry that every person should have in their jewelry box. These are jewelry that even over time will never go out of fashion and you can wear them on any occasion. Having a necklace, a pair of earrings, a ring or even a bracelet is good, but having what you wear for any occasion is even better.

Circle earrings, creole

It was all the rage years ago, but we still see a lot of it today, so it’s a must have earring model. Especially since the shape has over time modernized and gives magnificent products. They are elegant earrings that generally bring out the beauty of your facial features, the advantage is that they can be worn just as well with your hair tied up or down.

The transparent necklace

The transparent necklace is composed of a very fine chain, almost invisible, and a pendant, or a pearl, which is much more visible. It is a classy and discreet piece of jewelry that is sure to have its effect, it is a great thoughtfulness to offer this piece of jewelry for an important person. You could find some at the Els Benvinguts store, which offers a wide range of jewelry and many unique and exclusive pieces of high quality.

Back jewelry

A necklace that is not pendant in the front, but in the back really sublime with a high neckline in the back. It allows you to dress her up and give an outfit a whole new style. Very chic, it is a jewel particularly appreciated in the evening, during a gala, for a chic outing. It is a great gift idea, when you are looking for something original and want to avoid giving an ordinary piece of jewelry.

The bracelet with charms

Charms have become popular accessories. For some they allow to make a real collection, or simply express their personality through this jewel. They can represent elements of nature, film characters such as Disney or Harry Potter. Sometimes it will be a beautiful heart in different shapes or just letters. It is a gem that is hard to go wrong because everyone could find what they are looking for.

A pair of smart earrings

It is one of the must-have jewelry, which you absolutely must have. The earrings are worn for all occasions, there will be no fault of style with this type of jewelry. They are very practical and comfortable, you can wear them to go to work, but also to play sports without being embarrassed. They are thin and ready for the ears, so they are earrings that have no risk of getting caught somewhere.

All these jewels are jewels that we should have at least one copy in our box. Having them is ensuring you have the perfect accessory for any occasion, whether it’s a day at work, a meal with friends or even a wedding, among them there is bound to be one that will do the trick. .

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