5 mistakes not to make on your YouTube channel

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With nearly 2 billion monthly users, YouTube is the second most visited social platform in the world. It is therefore rightly that it arouses the interest of many companies who wish to have visibility. Individuals who are targeting a certain level of popularity in order to become an influencer, for example, see YouTube as a real opportunity. But now, we must admit, winning on YouTube is not so simple. The difficulty is even greater if you don’t have a clear strategy. Indeed, some small mistakes that you certainly make without realizing it do not promote the reputation of your YouTube channel and the quality of your natural referencing (SEO). What are these errors? What must be done to make your YouTube channel visible?

What are the mistakes not to make on your YouTube channel?

When managing a YouTube channel, beware of these errors that may affect your visibility:

  • Do not optimize your videos
  • Don’t optimize your YouTube channel
  • Do not broach specific topics by targeting a specific audience
  • Ignore descriptions that should ideally accompany your YouTube videos
  • Skip the thumbnails

The list is not exhaustive and these errors that we have just cited are therefore only a few among many others. Fortunately there are solutions by which it is possible toimprove your visibility and SEO on Youtube.

Tips to increase your popularity on YouTube

Certain techniques allow you to optimize your visibility and your SEO on YouTube. These are simple practices, but the results of which are largely satisfactory in the long term.

Optimize your YouTube channel

Before you share your videos on YouTube, take care to optimize your channel upstream. This involves taking into account factors like the name of your channel as well as the number of your subscribers. Buying YouTube views or subscribers on this page for example is a quick way to increase your visibility and improve your reputation on YouTube: no one wants to follow a channel that has 0 or few subscribers, or watch a video that has few views. Start by boosting your stats to attract real followers and real views. It’s also one of the only ways to quickly appear in YouTube video suggestions.

As for your profile, your identity, it must be short. Next, it is important to describe your YouTube channel to give visitors an idea of ​​what they will find there. Add your website link, work on the channel icon (i.e. the image displayed on your videos) as well as the channel illustration and playlists. Adding thumbnails and video to a relevant playlist also contribute to its visibility.

Optimize your videos

Optimizing a video that you want to post to your YouTube channel involves putting keywords in the title of your video. In addition to being brief, you obviously need to make sure you choose the right keywords related to the content of your video. The goal is to offer the best video in response to Internet users’ requests. Go for a short title that says precisely the content of your video.

Apart from these actions, it is also interesting toadd tags to describe your videos, although you have to stay moderate. Adding annotations and maps is also a way to optimize your YouTube videos by improving community participation every time you watch your video. As for YouTube cards, they are interesting because they also promote interactions.

Promote its content on other social networks

Promoting your YouTube videos on other social networks is a relevant technique here, knowing that Internet user recommendations are an important criterion for YouTube ranking. To do this, allow your fans to quickly and easily share your videos through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, not to mention your blog or website.

Create engaging content

We were talking about the value of optimizing your YouTube videos. However, optimization would have no interest if you do not publish quality videos, whose themes interest the audience you are targeting. YouTube is a platform on which the quality of user experience counts for a lot. Indeed, the YouTube algorithm is more interested in the most viewed, commented and shared videos. For a beginner, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd: the boost of views through the purchase of views and YouTube reactions may be necessary to start.

The videos must be of good quality: we avoid the video snapped on an old smartphone and which shakes too much, with a nasal or spitting sound. Investing in a stabilizer and a tripod is necessary, as well as sound equipment for offer internet users visible content, readable and pleasant to look at. Work on your introduction: the viewer decides whether or not they are interested in the video in less than 3 seconds. Starting your video is therefore essential!

Other tips to make your YouTube channel visible

Here are some other techniques that improve your YouTube channel’s awareness and SEO:

  • Think about cards and end screens to promote call-to-action
  • Address topics that interest your audience
  • Use emotions in your videos
  • Get to know and interact with your audience
  • Call on your customers to renew their loyalty to your channel

It is important to take these tips into account, given the marketing advantage of a good communication and an active presence on YouTube. With 1 billion hours of content viewed daily, YouTube is considered the television of the future. The platform easily captures attention with a high engagement rate for its videos, which makes video an important channel for acquiring traffic. Nothing better than YouTube if you want to illustrate yourself through video!

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