5 must-see places on the island of Mallorca

With an area of ​​3600 km² and nearly 850,000 inhabitants, Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearic archipelago. With more than 10 million tourists per year, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The reasons of this success ?

More than 500 km of beaches and coves with golden sand, a sea with turquoise waters, a welcoming population, a warm climate, villages with traditional charm and tasty food. If you are not yet convinced, here are some must-see places that will make you want to visit Mallorca.

The city of Palma de Mallorca

Founded in the 2nd century BC, the island’s capital, Palma de Mallorca, is made up of long boulevards and small flower-filled squares. With its splendid cathedral in the background, modern-style villas and Baroque palaces, the cultural and historic old town offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Tourists can stroll through the streets, stop in one of the city’s many bars for a drink, visit one of its many monuments such as the Royal Palace of Almudaina, or relax on one of its beaches. fine sand.

Cap de Formentor

Cap de Formentor is located in the north of the island of Mallorca, at the end of a thin peninsula where the Sierra de Tramuntana cordillera meet and the Mediterranean Sea. From this “mountain-ocean” union results a vertiginous coastal landscape of breathtaking beauty.

If to get there visitors must take winding and winding paths, they are rewarded with a sublime panorama of sheer cliffs, pine trees and jagged ridges encircling secluded coves of heavenly beauty. A treat for photography enthusiasts!

Mallorca Cathedral

The largest religious monument on the island, the Gothic Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca, also known as “La Seu”, is located in the heart of the city of Palma de Mallorca. Built in the 13th century by the King of Aragon, Jacques I the Conqueror, and classified as a “Asset of Cultural Interest” in Spain, the Gothic-style building dominates the ocean from its height of 45 meters.

Its many multicolored stained glass windows, its gigantic Star of David rose window and its various biblical scenes make this architectural masterpiece a must-visit for visitors to the island.

The fortress city of Alcudia

Located in the northeast of Mallorca, the city of Alcudia is surrounded by a wall built between the 13th and 14th centuries. This charming little medieval town will delight all lovers of old stones who will be able to stroll in its small paved alleys, walk along its ramparts, admire the architecture of its old houses and enjoy its restaurants, as well as its picturesque market. (Tuesday and Sunday).

The visitor can end his discovery of the place with a hike through the pine forests that adjoin the town and enjoy a breathtaking view at the top of Puig de Romani.

Manacor and its Rafa Nadal museum

Mallorca is a must-see for all tennis fans. They will not be without knowing that Mallorca is indeed the birthplace of the famous tennis player Rafael Nadal. Manacor, located in the center of the island is the city where the player spent his childhood. It is quite naturally in this city that he built his museum, the Rafa Nadal Xperience as well as his academy.

A museum with a whole host of attractions that the player particularly likes. The museum, meanwhile, hosts astonishing trophies of the player but not only. It houses, in fact, objects belonging to many friends, high level sportsmen of the tennis player.

Not far from the museum is the tennis academy where dozens of talented young tennis players train all year round.

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