5 office accessories to give to a geeky teenager!

It is not always easy to keep a teenager happy. If he has geek tendencies, giving him a technological gift might delight him. Whether original, practical or fun, this gadget will strengthen or enhance its office setup.

Here are 5 ideas of office accessories to give to a geeky teenager.

Cable and accessory organizer

Very practical, it fits easily in a backpack. There are 3 sizes of small, medium and large to choose from. You have to make a choice depending on how many gadgets, cables, and accessories the young geek has.

This organizer keeps everything in order and avoids looking for them everywhere. Cables are no longer tangled and the risk of loss is limited. The main face is made up of large elastic bands placed horizontally and vertically so that he can fix absolutely anything that lies on his desktop setup.

You will find them for less than 20 euros and in different colors.

A board for laptop

It is sometimes constraining to be seated in front of your hardware to play or work when the place is not comfortable.

To please your teenager, you can get him a special board for computer and tablet. He can work anywhere with his laptop on his knees without fear of the heat it produces. This accessory is made of bamboo wood and has several slots and compartments. A tablecloth is also integrated for the mouse.

A desk or drawing board is also a great idea to put the computer and keyboard on.

A smartphone stabilizer

If the gift is for a teenager who enjoys using their phone to produce video content or photos, they will certainly appreciate the stabilizer.

A stabilizer is an accessory that brings together many of the specificities of the selfie stick. This accessory is ideal for making it easier for him to design good videos, podcasts using his smartphone. It will be able to make clear, quality films without the unwanted effects of shaking hands.

A 3D lamp

Another product from the geek universe: customizable 3D lamps. There are different shapes and colors. These are very thin plates that give the 3 D effect to a lamp.

As advised by the blogger dad on lecarteldespapas.fr, you can choose a model for him with the effigy of characters from iconic science fiction films such as Stars Wars, Zorro, Black Panther, Naruto, Iron Man. It comes with a matching pedestal that serves as a power base. Just snap the two together and press the button on the case to turn it on or off.

The smartphone holder

Very practical, smartphone holders come in several designs, each as creative as the next. There are also smartphone holders with a smartphone charging function to keep a battery always on top.

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