5 things to communicate differently at a corporate event

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Company events are moments that employees expect and they should not be disappointed. These are days organized by managers, in order to meet several objectives according to their needs. But it is possible to combine fun and seriousness during these events by organizing the appropriate activities with the right tools, while meeting these objectives.

Thought about the photo booth to create links

Hosting a corporate event in the right way is essential to have a good time. An increasingly common solution is used during this type of event, which makes it possible to create real links, it is the rental of a photo booth, as on the site “Les Cabines d’Alex”, which offers this experience. unique and original.

By renting a photo booth, affections will be created between the different employees, friendships, working relationships, meeting new people. In addition to that, photobooths provide good memories, which can be displayed on desks.

Choose an unusual place for your corporate event

A corporate event is the opportunity to find an atypical and unusual place to organize it. Employees will be pleasantly surprised and they will keep good memories. Imagine organizing this event, in a castle, on the water in a barge, in a stadium, with your feet in the sand, at the top of a building and not just in a simple room.

There are many ideas and may vary depending on where you want to hold this event. In each region, there is an unusual and unusual place that will suit this type of event. You can find many other ideas and especially inspiration on museedeslettres.fr to organize your team building.

Think of an animation to oppose the activity of your company

You know the skills of your employees in their work, but do you know if they can do it under other conditions. Will they be able to adapt, for example if your business area is finance, consider a culinary or creative activity.

Organized activities create cohesion and sharing between the different guests. They will have to get out of their entrenchment, out of their comfort zone and will have to call on their team to get there.

Do an outdoor activity

If the weather is nice, it is good to be able to leave the walls of the company, to be able to benefit from the fresh air outside. Many activities can be done outdoors, while linking and recalling the values ​​of your company.

For example, do a giant treasure hunt, a relay course, activities on the water such as races in canoes, rowing, pedal boats or other floating means of locomotion. The ideas are limitless and adaptable, to liven up an event like this. The important thing is to think of playful and entertaining activities that will allow employees to get out of their daily routine, which is work.

Give a theme to this event

To be original, give a theme to this event, you want your employees to have a good time and remember it, because it represents the image of your company. This type of event is ideal for reboosting, linking, creating corporate cohesion, which will then have many advantages in the work carried out.

The theme makes it possible to link this whole event together, to find activities to carry out according to the chosen theme. It is an original way of communicating about a company. You can for example choose the theme cinema, culinary, sports, while thinking of your objectives and the results that you expect by carrying out this event.

All companies organize events because they have different objectives, such as, for example, promoting decision-making, improving communication and cohesion between employees. With different activities, a theme, an unusual place and original accessories you will succeed in achieving your goals, you will see a positive change, in the days that will follow and in the long term.

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