5 tips for a first trip to Croatia

Croatia, a popular destination for a few years now. If you too are planning to go to Croatia for your next vacation but it’s your first trip to the country and you don’t know how, we give you some tips for a successful trip.

Determine your goals and budget in advance

It is always advisable to know what you want to do in Croatia rather than relying on what you are offered to do. This questioning will surely help you to build your own itinerary and to set travel plans, according to your tastes and desires. On the budget side, know that Croatia does not belong to the Euro zone. In general, life is expensive there. It is best to find out in advance about the exchange rate in the country and to plan extras.

The journey is a return to the essential. Tibetan proverbs.

Choose a “Road Trip”

Croatia is a favorite destination for road trips. The scenery is beautiful and the roads are in very good condition. In addition, traveling by car allows you to discover little corners of paradise in the country that you will surely not see by opting for the plane or the bus. Finally, it is an efficient way to travel without any constraints and to visit the country step by step.

Don’t skip the capital

Zagreb is often underestimated by tourists and tour operators. Yet the capital of Croatia offers unimaginable and impressive surprises. So remember to put a whole day in your agenda for excursions in Zagreb.

Two islands are enough, but …

Croatia is also valued by its islands. For a trip to this country, visiting at least one island is a must. However, this is not an easy task. It is impossible to visit several islands in a few days. To avoid being disappointed, find out about the islands you would like to visit according to your needs (nature, beach, culture, etc.) and visit them. Two islands are enough to start. Remember to check the ferry route in advance. However, if you absolutely want to visit several islands during your stay, boats in Croatia are available for charter in the country.

Don’t miss the Plitvice Park and the Krka

Croatia has at least eight national parks that must be visited. However, for a stay of less than three weeks, visiting two of them is enough to understand the parks of the island. Plitvice Park offers you an incredible spectacle with these tropical forests and unique vegetation. At Kark, discover impressive waterfalls that should not be missed.

Plitvice Park

Plitvice Lakes (pronounce plitvitsè) are protected as National Park and are part of the list of Unesco World Heritage.

Plitvice National Park is 140 km from Zagreb and 219 km from Split. It’s made of16 lakes which are interconnected by waterfalls. These waterfalls were created by the limestone of the water that settled between the lakes forming a barrier of limestone rock called travertine.

Tips for a successful visit to Plitvice Lakes:

  • Come out of season and especially come early in the morning.
  • One day is more than enough to see everything.
  • Take your sandwich and don’t eat in the restaurant and don’t forget to bring plenty of water.
  • Do not sleep there, stay in Zagreb or Zadar.
  • Enter through entrance 2, there are fewer people.
  • Do not miss the superb view from entrance 1.
  • If you return to Zagreb by bus, absolutely take it at the entrance 2 stop.

Krka Park

The Krka National Park, located in North Dalmatia, consists of huge waterfalls created by the formation of travertine on the Krka river. We discover majestic waterfalls, a flora in full boiling and a fauna as rich as it is varied.

One day is enough to explore this superb National Park and to explore most of its natural wonders.

A network of trails and bridges provides access to the falls, and requires two hours of walking there and back.

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