5 Tips for a Peaceful Stay at DisneyLand Paris with Children

Planning a stay at Disneyland Paris with the family is a great idea and will make your children happy. But you as a parent tend to enjoy the idea and at the same time get stressed out. To avoid this and ensure that everyone has a good time, young and old, here are 5 tips that will relieve you.

Give your kids a GPS tracker

The greatest stress of all parents is to lose your child in such an environment, it is enough to look away for a moment and one of your children gets lost or you lose sight of them.

With a GPS tracker in the form of a keychain or a watch, you will have less to worry about. Do not hesitate to look at more information right here for more details and to find the model that will accompany you during this stay at Disneyland.

Locate the infirmary in case of a small injury

First of all, once you have the plan in hand, first find the infirmary in the park, you are not immune to a small fall, a headache or nausea. With the infirmary in sight, you can get there quickly, but above all quietly. You will not be in a panic, less stress to locate the infirmary, if your child has a small fall.

Ideally, have a small first aid kit with you, with disinfectant, some thoughts, some medicine suitable for the age of your children, for stomach aches or headaches. And above all, always carry water with you, hydration is very important.

Plan to eat with you

Little girl happily eating croissant, snack, snack

A day in an amusement park can be very long for children, especially they run around, they are excited and exercise a lot. Provide small snacks, to satiate them is necessary.

This will allow them to wait until mealtime and will allow them to wait in the queues for the rides. Plan fruit, compotes, not necessarily cakes or too much sugar.

Let them take a nap if necessary and take breaks in the playgrounds

Especially if they feel tired, let them take a nap, strollers are available in the park. Even a 30 minute rest will benefit them and recharge their battery.

For a more relaxed moment, without trampling, you can also take a short break in the play areas available in the park. You can sit down for a moment and they let off steam, waiting in line tires them more than moving.

A tablet for long queues

The last trick, and not the least, that can save many parents from anger is the tablet or smartphone. We all know that the wait in the lines to get to the rides can be very long, you have to be able to make your children wait and what works best is a little screen time.

The tablet with a few episodes of his favorite cartoon is to be expected, as well as a headset, because the people around do not necessarily want to enjoy it. You can also provide small books, or activity books.

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