5 Tips for a Successful Oriental Wedding!

The success of an oriental-themed wedding depends on certain parameters. This ranges from music to the dress of the bride and groom to the meals served. Here are 5 tips you can follow to make yours a success and make your ceremony unforgettable for you and all your guests.

Find the right DJ

For proper music during your oriental themed wedding, you need to find a DJ. This professional is responsible for the sound system and the show on D-day.

To simplify your task in your quest, the ideal would be to refer you to an oriental DJ. This sound professional already has no doubt experience in wedding animation according to Maghrebian traditions.

This choice guarantees you his familiarity with the customs, which means that he can quickly adapt to the program of the ceremony. This good oriental-themed wedding DJ can be found on the internet, because several of them have their professional site.

Before the wedding, a henna moment is to be expected

Oriental custom requires the application of henna to the bride as her wedding approaches. According to this ancestral tradition, designs bring luck and happiness. It takes place at a party organized by the fairer sex of the future bride’s family and takes place the day before the big day.

An oriental feast with a good caterer

The reception is an essential phase on the wedding roadmap. You must imperatively entrust it to the right caterer. The chosen professional must be a specialist in oriental cuisine dishes. For a successful banquet, you must choose a team of North African cooks.

Wedding dresses in the colors of the east

Typical blue dress, oriental, henna

An oriental wedding is distinguished by the remarkable dresses that the bride wears. There are about 7 dresses which are distinguished from each other in color and design. The future bride should wear them successively to symbolic stages of marriage.

Among this series of clothes, there is the classic dress that is worn at the town hall. The rest concerns traditional and religious dresses like the Katefa which is worn on the day of the henna ceremony.

For an oriental wedding, call on a negafa

For a successful marriage, you can also work with a Negafa. This oriental wedding provider offers professional traditional wedding services. However, not all negafa provide the same benefits.

It is preferable to recruit the one that you need according to the necessities in particular the clothing, the decoration of the place of reception, the hairstyle and make-up. It is an ideal option to take the pressure off yourself.

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