5 Tips To Redecorate Your Kitchen While Keeping The Basics

Do you feel that your kitchen is too old, dingy or even rustic? Give it a facelift by changing its furniture, upholstery, painting its walls and opt for trendy accessories for its decor. Overview of easy and less expensive ideas to bring freshness to your kitchen.

Opt for mosaic to modernize

The mosaic for the kitchen consists of pieces of tile and other materials. It is composed of various colors forming a pattern. Trendy, it takes place in a chic way in the rooms of your home. Thus, it can be installed in your rooms such as the bathroom and in the kitchen.

It is practical for giving relief and create decorative effects in your home. When paired with tiles, it gives rhythm to your walls and even allows you to create lighting effects. To facilitate its installation, you simply have to glue it on a frame and place it on the wall.

Repaint your kitchen furniture to give them a new lease of life

If you want a change of mood and maintain the basics of your kitchen, this idea sounds perfect. Add a lick of paint to the furniture in this room and get a ultra-vitamin cuisine. There are now on the market, paints that are intended for this type of operation.

Seek advice from a painter to find the best paint to effectively repaint your furniture. Finally, give free rein to your creativity and resourcefulness and completely transform your kitchen.

Remove the wall furniture and opt for shelves, to ventilate the room

Bright kitchen with shelf

To have a young and well-spaced kitchen, eliminate all the elements which do not serve you and clutter this room. To do this, remove your furniture as well as the armrests of your chairs. Replace this furniture with shelves and wall storage.

By doing this, you will get the feeling of freedom, space and grandeur in your kitchen. For more convenience, install mirrors in the kitchen. On the market, you will still find storage with a double basket corner arrangement.

New handles, for a new style

Changing some of its doors also allows easily revamp your kitchen. Indeed, if you have a tired kitchen, give it a country makeover. For this, opt for stainless steel handles or for a retro look. To get more refinement, it would be better to choose long handles for your cupboards.

These shells will be adapted to your drawers. On the other hand, if you have a old school kitchen and you want a touch of modernity, mix styles. Opt for pretty retro handles in black metal. They will enhance your kitchen.

Add plants, for the natural and warm side

Several pots of plants on wooden shelf

For young, zen and natural cuisine, think of plants. To get there, buy inexpensive plants and place them inside your room. You will find these plants from garden specialists.

They usually offer plants suitable for the interior and with associated decorative accessories suitable for every personality. Near them you will find jars, glass jars, planters and jockstrap.

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