6 cents drop at the pump

Pierre Moscovici, Minister of the Economy and Finance, announced a reduction of 6 cents maximum in the price of fuels for the next 3 months. 3 cents paid by the State, 3 by the oil groups applicable as of today.

“It is a substantial effort and concretely, it is a euro and a half less for a full 25 liters” insists the Minister, specifying that “this would represent for the State an effort which will be about 300 million dollars. euros ”. The state required an effort from each operator. The oil company Total, so often criticized, has already announced a reduction in its fuel sales prices from 2 to 3 cents per liter. This network includes around 2,000 stations, operating under the Total, Total Access (its low-cost brand) and Elf (being converted to Total Access) banners. The decision does not concern the 214 stations owned by resellers operating under the brand. Total, the latter “freely setting their prices” according to the oil group. The freeze on fuel prices promised by the candidate Holland is no longer relevant. Consumer associations are showing their disappointment.

All were waiting for the government to cross the symbolic 10% mark while purchasing power is being abused on all sides, unemployment continues to rise and asked for longer-term measures to fight against soaring domestic prices. pump.

It must be admitted that all in all, the savings made will not allow many extras. This slight decrease is causing a lot of disappointment, launched Monday Michel Fréchet, president of the General Confederation of Housing (CGL), while the association Rural Families doubts the impact of this small effort.

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