6 gifts for a medieval fan!

The medieval period covers many centuries of European history long conveyed in books. The euphoria around this time filled with myth, still unleashes passions today. If you have a loved one who is a fan of the Middle Ages, there are special gifts to choose from for them.

If you haven’t found that perfect present yet, here are 6 medieval-inspired ideas you can choose from.


The works describing the exploits of warriors during the Middle Ages are very useful in enriching the knowledge of fans. We particularly advise you to choose books on the Crusades which are often very enriching. Above all, they make it possible to lift the veil on the clichés of which certain events of the past are the subject. Some very little-known heroes are also featured in these books.

A medieval light

A medieval light is useful for setting up a decor worthy of a medieval fan, but also for lighting a room. It will therefore not be like a vulgar object encumbering the beneficiary’s space. You can opt for a wall lamp or even simple medieval torch lights. The support can be represented generally in the form of a hand holding a torch. It is found in two formats which are the left hand and the right hand.

A heraldic sweatshirt

What could be more original than a heraldic sweatshirt for a fan of the Middle Ages? Far from being considered a useless costume, this article will be useful in times of freshness. However, we recommend that you pay close attention to the choice of design. It is the latter which will determine the level of immersion in the Middle Ages. The ideal is to favor hoodies equipped with a drawstring with a ventral pocket in 3D printing.

Medieval cups

A true fan of the Middle Ages never enough to raise his elbow to celebrate the victories of the knights of the time with a good cup. You have the option of choosing a very exclusive knight mug such as the medieval stainless steel mug.

Design is also very important here. If the interested party is rather simplistic, you can choose a wooden or ceramic beer mug with images of knights or medieval inscriptions.

A medieval painting

Medieval paintings are useful for accenting the decor in any room. The one illustrating a knight on a battlefield or even a crusade is perfect for a better immersion in the Middle Ages. We advise you to opt for a table with several pieces to create more originality. It can be with or even without a frame. The main thing is to bet on the quality of the printing.

A Knight of the Round Table watch

One of the events that marked the Middle Ages was the quest for the Holy Grail led by the Knights of the Round Table. It is more and more told and especially very appreciated by fans of the medieval era. The watch representing the knights of the round table directing their swords towards the saint will therefore necessarily be loved. It thus symbolizes the ultimate achievement of the knight during his quest.

Here are some gift ideas to offer to a medieval enthusiast. It is unlikely that he will express disappointment upon finding out the surprise.

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