6 of the most beautiful cat breeds with gray coats

The gray coat is fascinating and is one of the most popular physical characteristics of cat lovers. This particular colouration is carried beautifully by a handful of cat breeds, which include Russian Blue, Chartreux, British Shorthair, Korat, Nebelung, and Scottis Fold. Focus on these 6 of the most beautiful cat breeds to sport gray coats.

Russian Blue

Its origin remains disputed between Great Britain and Russia. Anyway, the standard only allows one color for the dress. It therefore always sports a dense coat made of hair of an intense and uniform gray, with a silvery reflection at the level of the tips making the coat particularly shiny.

Affectionate and calm, he tolerates solitude quite well but hates noise. Very attached to his master, he remains wary of strangers.

The Chartreux


The Chartreux is also distinguished by its shiny coat made up of particularly dense short hairs and a supplied undercoat with a woolly and waterproof texture. The coat is always an intense and uniform blue-gray, from the end of the hair to the root.

The Chartreux may not be the most affectionate of cats, but he knows how to be sociable, playful, gentle and tolerant. His patience has some limits, however, and he won’t hesitate to let you know when he’s upset.

The British Shorthair

British Shorthair

It is one of the cat breeds that wear the gray color well. Although the breed standard admits a wide variety of colors and patterns, gray remains the most popular color.

He has one of the densest short furs in existence, with a dazzling appearance highlighted by his bright copper-colored eyes. He is known to be patient, calm, affectionate and easy-going, even if he can sometimes do what he wants.

The Korat


It is a natural breed native to Thailand where it has the reputation of being a lucky charm. The athletic figure, muscular body, green eyes and heart-shaped face are some physical traits that characterize the Korat.

Blue is the only color available for the coat and which may present silvery reflections at the tips of the hairs. Regarding his personality, the owners describe a playful cat who is very attached to his master, whose presence he constantly seeks.

The Nebelung


This cat has genetic and physical traits very close to those of Russian Blue, which is considered to be a medium-haired variety. Her dress is naturally a bright blue-gray with a silvery sheen at the tip.

The Nebelung has a lively, playful and mischievous temperament. Gentle and calm, he enjoys sharing family activities, but is distant towards strangers.

The Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold

The greatest peculiarity of the Scottish Fold is its breed-specific folded ears. To this detail is added the slightly flattened appearance of his face, as well as his more or less squashed nose and large, soft round eyes.

Her short dress can be of all possible colors and patterns, gray shades being among the most popular. His reputation as a Zen cat precedes his tender, docile and affectionate temperament. Very sociable, he is a companion devoid of aggressiveness and easy to get along with.

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