6 Steps To Beautiful Nails With Semi-Permanent Nail Polish

If you love sublimate your nails and color them in the long term, you surely regret the fact of going to an institute each time. To save yourself these trips and try the semi-permanent manicure at home, it is essential to follow few steps. By following these few recommendations, you will get good results in no time.

1st step – clean your nails well

Woman having her nails cleaned during professional manicure

Before applying your semi-permanent varnish, you must clean well nails in order to remove traces of varnish previously applied. As such, you have to push and cut the dead cuticles of your nails using a cuticle nipper.

2nd step – polish your nails

This step is often ignored even though it is fundamental. By polishing your nails, you make them shiny, plain and smooth. In addition, it allows you to have a cleaner polish. To achieve this with a nail polisher, sand the surface of each nail and then loosen the dust with cotton.

Depending on the type of your nails, you can use a degreaser to remove the fatty layer. Finally, file your nails carefully to prevent them from breaking and to give them the most certified guarantee of their effectiveness in the desired shape.

3rd step – apply the color to your nails

Color palette for varnish

Now that the nails have been treated, it’s time to apply the color of your semi-permanent polish. To this end, take advantage of a wide choice of colors to have what you need according to your desires. First, apply a layer of your varnish on your nails, especially favoring thin layers.

4th step – fix and catalyze the varnish with the LED lamp

After applying this first coat of varnish, you must fix and catalyze the varnish using a led lamp. To do this, you need to place your hand correctly in relation to the lamp. Once it’s done, wait about 60 to 90 seconds for the polish to dry.

5th step – apply a second coat of semi-permanent varnish

Woman holding a die-cast sugar "-èè

This step is important because it makes intense the color of your semi-permanent varnish. After removing your hand from the underside of the LED lamp, apply a second layer of your varnish then repeat the placement for the same duration.

If after that, you still want to make the color of your nail polish more presentation video with review and test of the pulsed light epilator philips bri954 / 00 lumea prestige intense, do not hesitate to askrepeat the procedure.

Last step – degrease the nails with the right product

This stage is literally optional. Nevertheless, it is recommended for an optimal finish. After completing the varnish application step, you will need to degrease the fatty layer that appears on your nails with a specific product. It will therefore be advisable to soak a little cotton in the cleaning product.

Run it over your nails to remove the oily layer. Do not panic ! Far from erasing your varnish, it will harden and will maintain its shine. Thus, with a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes, you have finished making a beautiful professional manicure on your own.

As long as you strictly respect these different steps, your semi-permanent varnish will remain sublime and shiny for two weeks. You can pass this approach on to your loved ones for very fun make-up parties.

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