7 criteria for choosing your pro blast chiller!

In a professional kitchen, organization is essential to quickly bring out delicious dishes. As soon as you reach a high number of covers, you must prepare the dishes in large quantities and then serve them again.

To do this, you need a blast chiller. It allows the temperature of the dish to be lowered for long-term storage without altering the taste of the recipe.

To choose your future blast chiller, you need to carefully consider several criteria.

The capacity

When you look at the professional range on the IceShop site, you can see that there have been big differences in capacity between models.

Calculate your needs. 20, 50 or 100 dishes? You will find a suitable blast chiller.

The dimensions

There is one thing in common between private kitchens and professional kitchens: space is running out!

In your restaurant, you necessarily have a lot of equipment such as one or more fridges, the freezer, the worktop, the plates, the ovens … The arrival of the cooling cell is therefore not without hassle in terms of measurements .

In some cases, a tall, thin cell is better. In others, wide and low material is preferable.

The temperatures

Not all blast chillers offer the same temperatures. For example, some do not freeze dishes and only chill, which can be problematic when storing sensitive foods like meat or fish.

The best is to have a cell with several easily configurable programs. Thus, each person working in the kitchen will know how to adjust the cell without wasting time.

The number of levels

The number of levels obviously has a strong influence on the overall capacity of the blast chiller. But, for the same capacity, you can find a wide cell of 5 levels like a narrow cell of 8 levels.

The smallest blast chillers have only 3 levels. By increasing in sizes (and in prices), they go up to 15 levels. If you have a kitchen that works at full capacity, investing in a large capacity right away is surely the right choice in the short and longer term.

The price

Equipping a kitchen represents a significant investment. In a few materials and accessories, you exceed 5 figures. The blast chiller is a significant new cash outflow. Price is therefore another criterion to look at.

Most of the cells found among the products intended for professionals have a price of between 1000 and 5000 € HT.

The manufacturer

For such equipment, you should go for a trusted manufacturer. Do not look for the savings that end up being a thorn in the side every day.

If you have experience, surely you have one or two favorite manufacturers. Find out if they do blast chillers as well. Otherwise, trust a reputable manufacturer.

The seller’s advantages

When buying a blast chiller, it’s not just the accessory itself that matters. For example, if transportation and assembly are offered, you will save several hundred dollars.

In the professional world, payment facilities such as 60-day payment or in installments may work for you.

Also consider servicing, maintenance and failure management. Buying equipment from a professional who can perform them sometimes allows you to have a reduction on the “package”.

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