7 tips for choosing your domain name

If you have decided to start a blog, then know that it all starts with the domain name! Indeed, this is what your users will type first to find you in the search engines. Obviously, he must look like you, but also, he must be able to make a difference. In short, here are 7 tips to help you!

1 – Choose a .com

If you want to build a blog and turn it into a real business, then you need to have a long-term vision. This is why, you should preferably buy a domain name with an address.com. This will allow you to acquire great authority on the web at the same time as you develop your community.

2 – Bet on 5 keywords

Depending on your industry, try to spot 5 keywords that spontaneously come to mind. Once you have this list, do not hesitate to turn to your specialized host to check its availability. This will allow you to select a few ideas and compare prices before you start.

3 – bet on the best for your blog

At the same time that you are going to subscribe to a domain name, you will have to subscribe to hosting. And for that, there’s nothing like turning to specialists in the field who promise you a whole range of services to help you at all stages. With French customer service, an advisor will be at your disposal to answer all your questions.

Likewise, you will have a dedicated email address that is much more professional than a gmail.com address for example. Finally, know that they will adapt to all the hazards that you may encounter with, for example, flexibility in terms of an increase in occasional traffic to avoid a crash!

4 – make something unique

Above all, when it comes to choosing your domain name, don’t make the mistake of approaching an already known brand. Indeed, this can strongly penalize you, and even, make you close your blog. As for verification, do not hesitate to go to the INPI website to check the availability of a mark.

5 – A name that is easy to remember

So that your users can find you easily and above all, retain your blog, it is imperative to choose a domain name that is easy to remember. In addition, it will be a big advantage for writing your articles and for orienting your content on natural referencing.

6 – The shorter the better

Just as it is important to find a domain name that is easy to remember, know that the shorter the URL the better! Indeed, it will fit ideally in the SERP, but also on social networks or even in magazines. And if in addition, you can choose something impactful, then it’s won!

7 – Know how to stand out

Finally, keep in mind that your domain name can very well become your brand image. And for that, nothing like to stand out in order to be able to make the difference vis-à-vis the competition. The idea is to find a concept and a catchy name that the Internet users can easily find on the web and especially at the beginning, if you do not necessarily arrive in the first results. All that’s left to do is work your brain!

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